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10 Components of Frozen Food Packaging Design

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Frozen foods can be a fantastic way to shop. They last significantly longer than refrigerated foods, and many are able to maintain nutritional value and moderate to low amounts of sodium, which is often not the case for other kinds of long-term storage foods like canned foods. In this day and age though, frozen food doesn’t get to just lay on the sidelines. In order to attract customers, design has to be taken into consideration, just like any other product.

So, how do you make frozen food attractive? Try incorporating the following components in your frozen food packaging design:

1. Assertive packaging

If you look at many name-brand versions of frozen foods, especially frozen fruits and vegetables, they come in stand-up bags. This type of packaging is more assertive than the flattened out bags of old that have nothing to show for themselves. This new style of packaging is important for getting customers’ attention and making the food look appetizing and exciting.

2. Bright colours

Colours are the well-known and time-tested way to get people’s attention. It’s no different when it comes to your frozen food packaging design. Using bright colours will help customers to see the packaging through the often misty freezer doors at the supermarket.

3. Resealable

Frozen foods are all about making things simpler, so the packaging should be simpler to use as well. A quality that customers appreciate in their frozen food packaging design is a resealable bag. It makes it quicker to open and close, and will help keep the food fresh and slow down freezer burn.

4. High-quality graphics

If your graphics are not high quality, then how’s your food? As much as you can tell people not to judge a book by its cover, they’re still going to. After all, they don’t really have much choice do they? If your product has subpar graphics and is sitting next to the same product with fantastic, eye-grabbing graphics, you can probably guess which one the customer will reach for first.

A trick of the trade to use for plastic frozen food bags is to set patterns or small grooves into the packaging. This helps to make it easier to handle and less slippery when it is icy and cold from the freezer.

5. Environmentally friendly

This generation of consumers tends to be more concerned about the environment. If you are able to boast a more eco-friendly packaging – such as a recyclable or biodegradable package – then you’ll likely be in the good graces of a big chunk of customers. Other options are to try to offer sustainably sourced packaging, or packaging made from recycled materials.

6. Font

Those frozen and foggy doors in the supermarket really don’t do any favours for visibility of the product, so it is important to have as clear and sharp of a font as possible so that people can more easily view what the product is, and what are the particular features they may find interesting.

7. Images

Sharp, clear, and interesting images are a must-have for any product. No matter what the product is, make sure the image is easy to see, and feel free to put some imagination into it. Why just show the food itself when you can show the gourmet dinner the food can be a part of? Make your frozen food packaging box designs interesting, unique, and mouth-watering to encourage customers to pick your product over the competition.

Make sure your logo is as eye-catching as the product and its packaging. The logo is one of the most important features of a brand. It helps people to know which products are yours, but it can also help bring attention to your product with its design. If you already have an established brand, you can consider creating a sub-brand for certain products as a tactic to grab customers’ attention.

8. Laminated cardboard

If the product is packaged within a cardboard box, something that is often done is to laminate the cardboard so that it does not get soggy and wet when frozen. This provides an improved customer experience and saves the boxes from becoming so damaged that nobody wants to buy them.

9. Peek-a-boo packaging

One way to show off your product is to make a part of the packaging see through, so that customers can actually see what they’ll be getting inside. This is a nice way to show your customer that you are being upfront about what you are offering. It shows transparency and can leave a positive effect on customers.

10. In-package cooking

Some packages are designed so that the product can actually be boiled or microwaved right in the package. This is a great option for making the product more accessible and easy to use for consumers. It helps make prep time quicker for meals, which is often what people are seeking when they purchase frozen goods.


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