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12 Famous Companies with the Best Benefits for Employees

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When trying to find a job, we often see the wage dollar amount and use that as our value indicator. One cannot discount the benefits that come with a job. From accommodations on maternity leave to time off and travel privileges, there are a lot of companies with the best benefits for employees.

Managing the employee benefits should be a top priority for any business organization. If you are looking for the some exemplary employers, here are twelve famous companies with the best benefits for employees in North America:

1. Costco

Costco is a leader in terms of companies with the best benefits for employees. This company provides insurance on health, dental, and vision as well as short-term disability insurance, paid vacation and paid sick leave, employer-financed retirement plans, and more.

2. RBC

RBC is consistently voted one of Canada’s top employers and it’s known as one of the companies with the best benefits offered. RBC provides paid vacation and sick leave, life insurance and disability insurance, offer tuition reimbursement and professional training, a company pension plan, a flexible schedule, and a casual dress atmosphere.

3. General Motors

Another one of Canada’s best places to work, GM offers life insurance, disability benefits, tuition assistance, adoption assistance, and more. A career at GM provides a lot of perks you wouldn’t otherwise find elsewhere.

The GM benefits package is comprehensive and even includes employee and family discounts on all GM vehicles. Analyzing GM employee pricing, multiple studies have found the deals to be among the best in the industry.

4. Accenture

At Accenture, you have a wide variety of good benefits including life insurance, extended healthcare insurance, disability insurance, and more. Why the company has made this list compared to other businesses that offer a lot of those same standard employee benefits packages is the following reason.

Accenture is one of the few companies in Canada that offer to cover an employee’s gender reassignment surgery. This is a part of their ongoing LGBTQ commitment to equal rights, making them one of the companies with the best benefits for the LGBTQ community.

5. Spotify

Spotify has a long list of employee benefits, including free lunches, having a pet-friendly workplace, 6 months of maternity and paternity leave, various employee discounts, and a comprehensive health insurance plan with dental and vision. They also uniquely have a fertility benefits program where they help to cover doctor and research treatments, including in some cases egg freezing.

6. Salesforce

Salesforce, the CRM software giant, has over 1,000 Canadian employees in its offices here. All Salesforce staff receive 6 days of voluntary time off every year. If they use all 6 days, the employee’s rewarded with a $1,000 grant to donate to a charity of their choice.

Other benefits working for Salesforce include reimbursing 100% of the cost of fees and tuition for pre-approved post-secondary education and 24-hour travel assistance for any employee traveling the globe.

7. WWF-Canada

WWF-Canada – the World Wildlife Fund, not the professional wrestlers – are one of Canada’s largest conservation organizations. In employee benefits, they also offer paid time off, life insurance coverage equal to two times an employee’s base salary up to $300,000, disability insurance, emergency travel assistance including medical care and emergency travel arrangements, and more.

8. Toronto Transit Commission (TTC)

The TTC is one of Canada’s leading employers with benefits. The rewards and recognition program, the commitment to an empowered workforce, and healthcare and dental insurance are all reasons why. They also have a group life insurance plan, a pension plan, and a starting hourly wage of $27.15. Also, all TTC employees ride for free – a huge bonus when living in a metropolitan area like Toronto.

9. The Hospital for Sick Children

SickKids is a great organization to work for with an extensive benefits package to offer their employees. Among the perks are a company pension plan, various assistance programs, maternity and parental leave top-up, a Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP), and various wellness programs including access to an on-site wellness centre.

10. Netflix

Last year, Netflix purchased 250,000 square feet of studio and office space in Toronto as a new production hub. For those fortunate enough to work for Netflix, some of the benefits include a year’s worth of paid maternity leave for both parents, unlimited vacation days, smartphone discounts, an employee stock purchase plan, and health, vision, and dental insurance.


TELUS is one of the companies with the best benefits, including significant discounts on TELUS products, performance bonuses, flexible health benefits and a company-matching pension plan. In a decade where more Canadians at companies like TELUS are beginning to work from home, maintenance of their existing benefits program could change – for better or for worse.

12. WestJet Airlines

WestJet Airlines offers free flights and fight discounts, paid vacation days, pack sick leave, life insurance and disability insurance, a pension plan, a stock purchase plan, and various reimbursement programs for education, professional training, tuition, and certification. Although airlines like WestJet have curbed some of their benefits packages in recent years, they’re still particularly advantageous for employees who love to travel.


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