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12 Most Famous Snacks and Their Packaging Designs

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When it’s time to enjoy a snack, most of us have a few favourite brands we always turn to. Some of us will be happy to try different types of snacks each time we get a bit hungry. After all, nothing is more fun than discovering new flavours and new textures, or tasting a new version of a well-known snack!

But what about the packaging of the snacks we all know and love? What makes them stand out? What can make a packaging option more attractive and convenient than another?

We are being told not to judge a book by its cover, but the truth is that we often do choose books, as well as snacks, based on the way they look. The food packaging is always an important factor in how we pick our favourite snacks. The most famous snacks around the world have successfully designed memorable food packaging that are now synonymous with their brands.

Let’s take a look at 12 of the most famous snacks and their packaging design elements:

1. Pringles

Even if you have never tried Pringles before, you know those stackable potato-based chips come in a can, which is both fun and convenient. The colour of each can varies depending on the flavour inside, but each of them features the yellow Pringles logo as well as the face of a gentleman with a big mustache.

2. Ritz Crackers

When you’re in the mood for crackers instead of chips, it’s easy to spot a box of Ritz Crackers. Just look for a red cardboard box with the yellow Ritz logo inside a blue circle. Some varieties of Ritz snacks come in bags instead of boxes, but they keep the same logo and a red border so we can recognize them easily.

3. Doritos

Doritos is one of the most famous snacks with classically memorable food packaging. Doritos tortilla chips come in different flavours, including Flamin’ Hot, Cool Ranch, Nacho Cheese, and more. Each colourful bag of Doritos features the white Doritos logo with a bright orange triangle, which is instantly recognizable to anyone looking for a tasty snack.

4. Ruffles potato chips

Ruffles are Canada’s favourite brand of ridged potato chips. If you’re looking for a bag of potato chips, Ruffles are sure to stand out with their bright red logo on a dark blue bag. Pictures of the ridged chips themselves also catch our eyes.

5. SunChips

The logo of these multigrain chips easily stands out, with its curvy white fonts and the letter “n” that turns into a yellow sun. Harvest Cheddar is probably the most popular flavour of SunChips, and this wholesome snack is easy to notice with its bright orange bag.

6. Wheat Thins

The packaging of these salty and sweet whole grain crackers is a bright yellow box with the Wheat Thins logo in navy blue. Each flavour of Wheat Thins is identified by a band of a different colour, which is an easy way to quickly distinguish them.

7. Skittles

If you prefer sweet snacks, you can taste the rainbow with Skittles fruit-flavoured candy. The colour of each Skittles bag depends on the variety of candy inside: original Skittles come in a red bag, while sour Skittles come in a bright green one. The packaging always shows the brand’s iconic rainbow.

8. Welch’s Fruit Snacks

Welch’s Fruits Snacks are made with real fruits, and of course, their packaging features photos of colourful fruits. You can get your Fruit Snacks in different sizes of bags and boxes, for a convenient treat whether you are home or on the go.

9. Fruit by the Foot

Fruit-flavoured snacks come in different shapes and sizes. No matter which variety of Fruit by the Foot you are looking at, it will come in a green box with a wavy white logo, and colourful swirly ribbons that show you which flavour you can expect. The snacks are even offered in a variety pack, if you have trouble making up your mind.

10. Smarties

These small, colourful sugar-coated chocolate candies come in so many different types of packaging that it would be impossible to name them all. We all know the blue box showing candy pieces flying behind the Smarties logo, but they can also be bought in large boxes, in packs of small boxes, in pouches, and as seasonal gifts.

11. Caramilk

Have you unlocked the secret of the Caramilk? It seems impossible to unlock, but the secret behind its packaging is quite simple: no matter which size of creamy and gooey Caramilk bar you purchase, you can expect to see the white Caramilk logo in front of a brown and golden yellow background that will make your mouth water.

12. Junior Mints

If you love mint-flavoured chocolate, Junior Mints could be one of your favourite snacks. Whether you buy a large box of them, a resealable pouch, or a bag that contains many mini boxes, you will instantly recognize the mint green Junior Mints logo on a white background.

Did your favourite snacks appear on that list? If not, take a moment to think about what you like about these snacks, and what makes their packaging stand out.


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