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13 Best Retail Chatbot Examples and Their Innovative Uses

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Tapping into the AI potential of chatbots, retail brands and eCommerce platforms are seeing customer service ratings improve in a big way. The goal and objective of a retail chatbot always remain the same – quick, convenient customer service.

You may be questioning whether it’s worth using retail chatbots on your website, social media, or elsewhere in your brand’s digital representation. To demonstrate the technology’s success, here are the thirteen best retail chatbot examples that could impress you:

1. H&M Chatbot

H&M has one of the best retail chatbot examples within the fashion industry. The company began using a retail chatbot on Kik in 2016, enabling customers to choose from recommended outfits, filters, and style preferences.

Since then, H&M’s chatbot made it easier to find product and most importantly, have fun. For users and the brand, the interactivity and engagement resulted in a more profitable relationship on both sides.

2. Domino’s Pizza Chatbot

Domino’s, one of Canada’s most famous pizza chains, has an interactive pizza chatbot through Facebook Messenger that allows you to order, customize, and have pizza delivered to your residence without you having to pick up the phone.

The Domino’ss chatbot has been voted the best retail chatbot for customer service. It’s simple, effective, and delivers on its value.

3. Bud Light Chatbot

Bud Light has been using a Facebook Messenger based chatbot for a few years. The brand employs this chatbot to remind its customers to stock the fridge on key sports game days and uses humour to spotlight key features of its retail products.

During a campaign in 2017, the Bud Light chatbot resulted in an 83 percent increase in engagement, making this one of the most successful retail chatbot examples.

4. Taco Bell Chatbot

Like Domino’s before them, Taco Bell is another fast-food retail name that has been using chatbots for customers looking to order food without getting on the phone.

Integrated into the Slack messenger, this retail chatbot also gives information on ingredients and nutritional value. Taco Bell continues to use chatbot technology, fostering an enhanced brand image and increased profits.

5. Nike Chatbot

The Nike StyleBot on Facebook Messenger gave customers the ability to design their own shoe. Combining interactivity with chatbot functionality, a user could create and then share their shoe style with friends on Messenger.

This strategy on Nike’s behalf generated 4 times the conversions and an average click-through rate 12 times higher than average brand metrics.

6. Macy’s Chatbot

Macy’s been using retail chatbots on mobile and web platforms for a while. Macy’s has one of the best retail chatbot examples, because this technology makes it easy to locate items from their retail database while also providing customer service.

This is an elementary yet effective chatbot that cuts down on the time it takes to search the database themselves and look an item up.

7. Whole Foods Chatbot

Whole Foods is a grocery retail chain that uses a retail chatbot through Facebook Messenger to assist with healthy food recipes and make product recommendations. The Whole Foods chatbot gives the user the ability to find information quickly without having to do an entire search for it.

8. Sephora Chatbot

Sephora is a powerhouse in skincare and beauty products. As one would except with a Sephora chatbot, a user can speak with it to hear beauty recommendations, DIY tutorials, see product ratings, and find products that match their skin type and tone.

The interactive AI chatbot experience has been successful targeting the under-24 audience, particularly among inexperienced skincare fans who require a little guidance on their first purchases.

9. eBay Chatbot

eBay’s ShopBot is a shopping assistant that aids consumers find the items they are searching for within the price range they desire. This retail chatbot provides tremendous retail value, increasing efficiency of the Ebay platform and tailoring recommendations that increase use of the site.

ShopBot allows customers to ask questions. The more engagement, the happier the customer resulting in more sales. This is the pattern Ebay has found using their retail chatbot.

10. Kia Motors Chatbot

Kia Motors is a car manufacturing company that sells its vehicles, new and used, through various retail outlets. The company recently began using a chatbot named ‘Kian’ through Facebook Messenger. The chatbot speaks to more than 114,000 users per week and boasts a 21 percent conversion rate.

Replicating human interactions, the chatbot’s been successful at answering questions about car models while also capturing lead information and user data for future use.

11. David’s Bridal Chatbot

David’s Bridal is one of the top bridal retailers in North America and recently launched its Zoey chatbot. Answering queries, processing customer service requests, and offering personalized recommendations,

Zoey is one of the more successful retail examples with great customer service capabilities. This chatbot is as much a customer service agent as it is a stylist. Users can book appointments at local stores through Zoey, process returns, check order statues, and more.

12. Starbucks Chatbot

Starbucks’ chatbot is integrated with an AI ordering system that accepts voice commands. Through Starbucks’ chatbot, a user can place an order for a coffee. The chatbot then alerts a customer when the order is ready and gives them the total cost. This retail chatbot maximizes sales, saves customers time, and cuts down on the lineup.

13. Burberry Chatbot

Burberry, a luxury clothing brand, uses a chatbot on Facebook Messenger to help users locate their nearest store. The retail chatbot also offers customers a preview into new products, offers details about the craftsmanship behind items, and provides style advice on Burberry apparel and accessories.


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