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14 Good Gifts for Grandparents and What to Buy For Them

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Since it might seem that grandparents already have everything they could possibly want, it’s not surprising they can be nearly impossible to shop for. To make it easier to find that special gift, we’ve come up with a list of the best and most unique gift ideas that your retired grandparents will surely love.

1. An E-reader

From the cottage to the couch, no doubt your grandparents love to spend most of their free-time reading. Update their favourite hobby by gifting them with an e-reader. They’ll love that they can bring their library of books just about anywhere with less hassle and weight.

If they already have an e-reader, try upgrading to a tablet instead. Whether your grandparents are tech-savvy or not, the Amazon Echo is an easy gadget that not is simple enough for them to use but also has a lot of prime features they will love. From playing music to reading audio books, and reporting on the weather, they will find this digitial helper to be an excellent resource. A bonus? You can also program it to have a response to the cue, “Emergency!” While it doesn’t replace a human, it’s a relief that they will be cared for if you’re not around to them.

2. A Tote Bag

Your grandmother is famous for having everything from a mint to a good book on her person. Make it easier on her by gifting her with a lightweight and fashionable tote bag that’s easy to clean and environmentally friendly. These tote bags are good gifts for grandparents who love to go shopping.

3. Cozy Slippers

Your grandparents’ feet definitely need some rest and relaxation. Pamper their tootsies by treating them with the coziest slippers. Ensure they have a rubber outsole for necessary support. These slippers are good gifts for grandparents who like to walk around the house a lot.

4. Digital Photo Frame

Your grandparents have stacks of photo albums, but wait until they have a digital photo frame that can be updated digitally with multiple new pictures. While you might have to set it up for them, they’ll love regularly seeing new photographs of their family.

The photo frame displaying some cherished family moments is both functional and sentimental for your grandparents. They can keep tabs on the family events while also seeing her loved ones everyday.

5. A Fun Puzzle

Nothing beats a challenging and fun puzzle. Gift your grandparents with a fun puzzle of one of their favourite scenes or animals. Even better? Offer to help them put it together to promote even more family time.

6. A Personalized Family Tree Poster

There’s nothing better for a grandparent than admiring their beautiful family. Create a personalized family tree poster either by yourself or through a stationery company that allows you to place photographs of your various loved ones throughout the years and generations.

7. Best Grandma and Grandpa Mugs

Grandparents love their coffee and/or tea for breakfast. They’ll love remembering you and how much they’re loved first thing in the morning whenever they take their first sip.

8. Breakfast Tray

Indulge your grandparents with a breakfast-in-bed tray that provides everything they need to pamper themselves in bed. Take it a step further, and cook them breakfast by yourself!

9. Marble Rolling Pin and Base

Your grandparents are famous in the family for their delicious pies and cookies. Modernize their kitchen by gifting them with a refined-looking rolling pin. The stone is durable and easy to clean. But don’t be surprised if they ask you for some help in the kitchen!

10. Gardening Tote

For the grandparents who have a green thumb – or at least pretend they do – treat them to a gardening tote set that has everything they could ever want to perfect their pretty flowers and plants.

11. Kettle & Pressure Cooker

While nothing beats their trusty whistling stove kettle, a vibrant electric kettle will boil your grandparents’ favorite tea in a matter of minutes.

A kettle also goes well with a pressure cooker, since Grandpa and Grandma love their soups and stews. They’ll love them even more when they realize they can cook them quickly and without a lot of fuss with a digital pressure cooker. They’ll be pleasantly surprised that it can make everything from rice and cake, too.

12. Weighted Blanket

If your grandparents have trouble sleeping and/or suffer from anxiety, they will feel safe and secure with a weighted blanket. It’s a great gift that will bring on more relaxation and comfort – something your grandparents surely deserve and need.

13. A Pair of Binoculars

If your grandparents enjoy watching their community of birds congregate in their backyard or enjoy sightseeing throughout their travels, then they will appreciate a good set of binoculars that will allow their entire world to come into clearer focus.

14. Personalized Aprons

Is your grandmother a fantastic baker? Do you consider your grandfather a pro chef? Then let them know by gifting them with personalized and professional aprons. You’ll have more of their prized home cooking in no time!


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