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15 Most Famous Bugs of All Time

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No one wants bugs in their home, and sometimes even the insects that are crawling or flying around our homes are not welcome. Many people are terrified of spiders, and others simply hate bugs of all species, shapes and sizes. Many people use exterminators and pest control services to get rid of the first bug they see in sight.

However, there are more than a few famous fictional bugs who became quite well-bug for appearing in books, movies, or video games. These famous bugs may have changed the way some of us perceive insects for the better.

Here are 15 famous bugs no one would want to get rid of:

1. Jiminy Cricket

Jiminy Cricket may be one of the most famous bugs of all time. This is a talking cricket who appeared in Disney’s Pinocchio movie, which was released in 1940. Afterwards, this comical and wise little cricket made many other appearances, and has been voiced by a few different actors, including singer Cliff Edwards who sang the famous song “When You Wish Upon a Star”.

2. Caterpillar

The Caterpillar is one of the more famous bugs for those familiar with classic literature. It first appeared in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, written by Lewis Carroll. This hookah-smoking bug likes to ignore Alice, and to blow smoke in her face. This character also appeared in the novel Through the Looking-Glass, as well as in different movies, TV shows, and video games.

3. The Gnat

The Gnat is another famous bug that appeared in classic literature. This is a minor character in Through the Looking-Glass. He is a strange little bug who loves jokes, but doesn’t want to tell them himself. He introduces Alice to his unusual insect friends: the Rocking-Horse-Fly, the Snap-Dragonfly, and the Bread-and-Butterfly.

4. Maya the Bee

Maya the Bee first was the star of a German book written by Waldemar Bonsels. This famous bug appeared in different movies, animated TV series, musicals, and video games. Maya the Bee is depicted through the adventures of this friendly little bee who decides to leave the hive to explore the world.

5. Ray

Ray is a Cajun firefly who befriends Tiana in the Disney movie The Princess and the Frog, which was released in 2009. This is one of the famous bugs that gained popularity in the Disney fandom. He is in love with a star, which he thinks is another firefly, and he and his family are friends with Mama Odie, a voodoo queen. Ray is voiced by Jim Cummings.

6. Barry B. Benson

Barry B. Benson is a honeybee that appears in Bee Movie, which came out in 2007. He is a non-conformist bee who makes a human friend, and decides to sue the human race after he learns that humans have been stealing and consuming honey for centuries. He is voiced by Jerry Seinfeld.

7. Flik

Flik is a misfit ant who appeared in the movie A Bug’s Life, which was released in 1998. When Flik accidentally gets his colony in trouble, he sets out on a quest to find warrior bugs that will help him save the day, but recruits a troupe of circus bugs instead. He is voiced by Dave Foley.

8. Z-4195

Z-4195, or Z, is a pessimistic worker ant who appeared in the movie Antz, which was also released in 1998. When his colony decides to declare war on a termite colony, Z, who fell in love with the princess, joins the army even though he is not a soldier ant. This famous bug is voiced by Woody Allen.

9. Hova

Hova is a nurse ant who appeared in the movie The Ant Bully, which came out in 2006. The movie follows the adventures of Lucas, a young boy who torments an ant colony. The ants shrink him down to their size to punish him, and Hova is the ant who tries to teach him their ways. She is voiced by Julia Roberts.

10. Charmy Bee

Charmy Bee is a good-natured bee who appeared in the video game franchise Sonic the Hedgehog, which began in 1991. Charmy Bee is a member of Chaotix, a detective agency, and thanks to his cheerfulness and playfulness, he makes the rest of his team appear more professional.

11. Zipper the Fly

Zipper the Fly is a tiny housefly who appeared in the animated TV series Chip ‘n Dale: Rescue Rangers, which debuted in 1989. The show followed the adventures of two chipmunks who start a detective agency with their friends. Zipper is always loyal to his friends, and very strong for his size. This famous bug is voiced by Corey Burton.

12. Woggle-Bug

Woggle-Bug, also known as The Highly Magnified Woggle-Bug, is a bug who first appeared in the Oz book series written by L. Frank Baum. He is very quirky and well educated, and he got magnified by a microscope that projected his image onto a screen during a lecture given in a schoolhouse.

13. Atom Ant

Atom Ant is a superhero ant that was created by Hanna-Barbera in 1965. He appeared in the cartoon The Atom Ant/Secret Squirrel Show, but also in many other cartoons. Atom Ant had the power to fly, and he was incredibly strong, which is why the police often gave him important missions.

14. Mister Mosquito

Mister Mosquito starred in a video game created for the PlayStation 2 in 2001. In this game, the player controls Mister Mosquito, and has to suck the blood of a human family without getting caught and killed.

15. BuzzBee

Finally, BuzzBee is the friendly mascot of the Honey Nut Cheerios breakfast cereals. This is one of the most famous bugs known to anybody who eats cereals. BuzzBee first appeared on cereal boxes and in TV ads in 1979, but only got his name in 2000.


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