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3 Steps to Work with Job Recruiters

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What you may have previously valued as annoying telephone calls or scam emails have reshaped themselves into clever, reputable talent agencies that serve your company well.

Forget what you thought you knew about recruiters, and reestablish your business for the digital era of influence. If you’re tired of keeping a docket of influencers or freelancers to manage yourself, let an agency do the work for you. It’s about time you streamlined the process and allow the duties to be absorbed where they should be. In-house is inconvenient for many places of business nowadays, and to much understanding. Take advantage of what’s available to you.

This guide will help you identify if the job recruiters are right for your business.

1. If you want expert freelancers available to you at the ready…

Tired of putting out Craigslist postings to recruit talent or researching remote talent sights to put your jobs on in order to attract top talent in communications, interactive marketing, or other relevant technical fields? Does your Creative Director have better things to do than write job listings, interview (what turns out to be) short term staff, and constantly reevaluate role responsibilities to attract top talent?

Many company managers will answer yes to these questions. Seek out an agency that will work with you at this level to establish long term relationships with the best talent there is. Get talent that matches your company’s vision. Evaluate the recruiter’s case studies, work samples, and mission objectives.

You want an agency that can check off all of your marks. If their availability seems off, a giant red flag should go up.

2. If you want to streamline your payroll…

Creating a multitude of independent contracts, filling out every payment form, and communicating with a pool of talent takes up a lot of time, energy, and resources, some that your company may not be able to fulfill themselves during a standard workweek.

This is where a recruiter can streamline the process to your company’s advantage, enabling quick turnaround of quality content. Seek out an agency that will consolidate your invoices and handle all international, national, and local talent payments.

Agencies may have fewer remote limits than you can directly offer as a manager at your company. You want to seek out a agency that can take financial responsibility for you with no faltering. Trust of finances is essential.

3. If you want a myriad of talent to be placed in a variety of roles…

Work with a recruiter that employs a variety of talent with experience in different fields. Whether you need content for a music or entertainment blog, social media profiles, financial website, or something else, you want to be sure to connect with a recruiter that employs top talent within the spectrums you require.

The right recruiter will have this talent available to you. Well-established recruiters will allow you to search talent and communicate with them directly to meet your needs.

Does this all sound like something your company is looking for? Don’t waste another second, especially of your company’s time or resources. Let the job recruiters do what they were established to do. Be proactive in shaping your company for the digital realm today. Stop waiting. Start doing.


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