Sunday, September 20

3 Ways to Protect Your Patio Furniture

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The transition from summer to fall can be tricky to plan for. Holding on to those few last warm days often means postponing closing the summer pool, raking up the first batch of fallen leaves, and putting away the patio furniture.

As hard as it may be, you should take the changing leaves and the cold afternoon breeze as a warning sign to prepare for the fall and winter months. Protect your patio furniture with the following tips to keep your summer assets ready for next year.

1. Furniture Covers

Regardless of if your patio furniture can withstand bitter winter weather or if it is put inside a protected garage after the summer season, once the weather changes, covering your furniture can add years to its lifespan.

For the best protection, look for covers that have the following features:

  • Not all covers are waterproof; ensure that the cover you purchase has a waterproof symbol on the tag or the cover itself. This is beneficial for furniture that is kept outside or stowed in a covered area as a waterproof cover can also protect from humidity in the air.
Shape and Size
  • If available, purchase an adjustable cover that will change to fit the differing sizes of your furniture. You want the cover to provide maximum coverage but still fit tightly against the furniture. It is important to properly cover the furniture in both the on and off-season to provide enhanced protection when not in use.
UV Protection
  • This type of coverage is useful for summer and offseason days. The sun can cause serious long-term damage to your furniture. Look for a cover that contains UV protection to reduce the wearing effects that the sun can cause.

2. Stow Cushions

Even if you do not place your patio furniture into storage, stowing the cushions are the only away to ensure that they will be protected throughout the offseason months to stay clean and ready for next summer.

For best results, place the cushions into a closed storage bin in a protected area such as a garage or basement. This will remove the potential threat of any dirt or insects harming the cushions while being stored. Consider purchasing large rubber bins at any wholesaler for a reasonable price.

3. Clean Cushions

Also, it is important to regularly clean the cushions throughout the summer months and once again before placing them into storage. By regularly wiping away any fallen leaves or dirt that may have accumulated, you are protecting the fabrics of the cushions. For a more thorough clean, gently scrub the cushion fabric with soap and water then letting them air dry. If possible, avoid drying them in the sun to reduce the risk of sun damage to the fabric. Try to give the cushions a good cleaning once before placing them into storage.

Along with your furniture, you want to take measures to protect your patio as much as possible. If you are keeping the furniture out all year long, make sure that the ground is also protected and will not be harmed by a build-up of snow or rain over the offseason. Try to reduce the weight of the furniture against the patio by removing any excess snow or dirt when possible.

As tiresome as it can be, taking the steps to protecting your summer assets will give them a longer lifespan and allow you to enjoy your outdoor patio for many years to come. Stretch out and enjoy the summer season on your patio for as long as you can.


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