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4 Commonly Asked Questions About Professional Locksmiths

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Locksmiths are security experts that are skilled in servicing, maintaining and repairing mechanical and electronic security products. Locksmiths are excellent for securing new premises, upgrading your security system and are there for you to consult with on security topics. This blog post answers four common questions people have for locksmiths.

1. What’s The Difference Between A Rekey And Master Key?

Re-keying your locks is when a locksmith adjusts the tumblers in your existing lock so that new keys can open the door. When you move into a new home or office, you have no idea how many people have had access to the keys. Tradespeople, neighbors, and friends usually have access in the form of spare keys. Re-keying your locks gives you peace of mind knowing that only you have access to your building.

Master keys are often used in hospitals, office buildings and residences such as nursing homes. Master keying your locks allows two distinctly different keys to open the same lock. If you decide to use a master key system, you’ll have to prioritize the keys you hand out depending on the type of access you want to give people. Master key systems have a change key that only opens one type of lock where the tumblers are set a certain way.

The next level is the master key, which opens everything, but in some systems, this is still only a mid-level key. After the master key, the next level of access is the Grand Master key, which is used to access all key systems below and including the master level. Finally is the Great Grandmaster key, which can open all the locks below the Grand Master level. In theory, the master key system can continue forever, but most companies stop at the Great Grand Master level. 

2. When Should I Call A Locksmith?

Locksmiths offer emergency services but you don’t have to wait until a crisis arises to benefit from working with a locksmith. Locksmiths have skills to help you protect your home or business. If you’re looking to upgrade to an electronic lock system it’s imperative you consult with a locksmith. They have the information and expertise to help you safely integrate new technology into your security system.

If you’re transitioning into a new office or apartment that has been previously occupied, it’s highly recommended you contact a locksmith. As mentioned early you just can’t be sure who has access to the locks in your new place. Locksmiths help you secure your new locations.

3. I Lost My Car Keys, Can You Make A New Pair?

If you’re the original owner of the car keys, you’ll have a key code written on the bill of sale. This key code tells a locksmith how to cut your keys which saves you money since they don’t have to do a fitting. If you can’t find the code on the bill of sale, there’s a chance it’s in the owners manual or your dealership may charge you a fee to give you the code.

4. Can You Copy Keys Marked “Do Not Duplicate.”

You’ll need a letter of authorization in order for a locksmith to work with keys marked “Do Not Duplicate.” The letter of authorization needs to be on a company letterhead and include information such as the person picking up the keys, the number of keys and contact information for the individual writing the letter. You’ll also need to fill out a “request for Restricted Keys” form before finalizing the process.

Remember that locksmiths can refuse to work with keys marked “Do Not Duplicate.” These regulations apply to all keys marked “Do Not Duplicate,” “Unlawful to Copy” or “Do Not Copy.”


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