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4 Lead Generation Techniques to Boost Your Digital Marketing

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When people tend to hear the word leads, they oftentimes think of Alec Baldwin’s voice from “Glengarry Glenn Ross” – but we won’t go into the vulgarities of his lines here.

Lead generation is the lifeblood of any marketing strategy, whether itis digital or offline. It is the primary objective of any marketing campaign, and it can be difficult to achieve. Getting a sufficient number of leads requires time and money – and plenty of headaches.Unfortunately, no matter what you do, you’re going to be stuck in a rut. Just 10 percent of marketers say their lead generation strategies are effective. Indeed, somethings needs to change.

In today’s era of low attention spans, spam and burned out consumers, how can you garner an impressive amount of leads? That is the question that everyone wishes they could answer. They may not be able to find the Holy Grail of lead generation, but there are several measures you can employ to gather the necessary leads for your company or campaign.

Here are four successful lead generation tips for your digital marketing strategy:

1. It’s All About Quality, Not Quantity

It can be easy to fall into the trap that you need to put out as much content, information and campaigns as possible. This is the wrong way to ever maintain a marketing campaign.

Perhaps it’s counterintuitive to suggest, but quality supersedes quantity every single day.

Let’s say you’re pumping out three emails per day. Not only is this extremely annoying to the recipient, but it’s too much, and the quality of these emails are likely inferior. You have spelling mistakes, they’re not uniquely tailored to each customer and you may miss key functions.

On the other hand, you send three emails a week. Now you have the time to uniquely tailor each email, ensure there aren’t any spelling or grammatical errors and you can insert the right keywords, the best call-to-action (CTA) and even a hilarious meme.

Focus on the quality and the rest will fall into place.

2. Social Media Serves as the Warm-up to Leads

Facebook and Instagram, Twitter and YouTube, social media is a stupendous warm-up to leads.

This is because you get to share content, post links, provide discounts and offer up funny corporate tales. Moreover, you get to produce a larger online audience with followers, Likes and subscriptions. And, most importantly, you get to personally engage with all of your users.

Utilizing and maximizing social media gives you access to 90 percent of the consumer base.

3. CTA Should be Linked to Landing Page

Wherever your CTA is promoted, it should be linked to a dedicated landing page.

The landing page must have all of the crucial information of the products and services that you are offering to customers, whether they come with a cost or they’re free.

By having a CTA, you’re getting your potential customers to do something, now it is up to you to facilitate a meeting with your goods and services.

4. Proof Your Marketing Campaigns

Today’s crop of customers is fully aware of scams, their digital senses are heightened. In other words, if they don’t notice certain things on your website or in your digital marketing endeavours then they will seek it elsewhere to find them to give themselves peace of mind.

What are we talking about? Digital security signatures, client testimonials, social proofing and a wide array of other features that will certainly boost your credibility and reputation.Once you proof your marketing campaign, you enable confidence and trust.

It may seem easy to generate a great deal of leads in today’s environment. With half of the world connected to the Internet, a billion people on social media and consumers having a greater amount of wealth, it would seem like garnering leads would come without a hitch.

Lead generation is harder than ever because there are more market players than ever before. This is where your marketing acumen enters: you want to stand out from the crowd, be concise and comprehensive and remain dedicated to your customers at all times.


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