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4 Most Popular Types of Wallets

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Though women also use wallets, this accessory is much more associated with men. It is one of those things that men simply must have. Money is kept in wallets and it is also a permanent home to all kinds of cards like credit cards, social insurance, debit, library, health cards, to name a few.

Wallets come in various sizes, materials and designs. There is basically a wallet out there for just about every guy. Wallets have actually been around for centuries! Today, some of them are pretty eye-catching and sleek and some can be incredibly expensive. Let’s take a look at some of the most used wallets today.

1. The Bi-Fold

These are very likely the most common types of wallet all around the world. These are also sometimes called a billfold. There are pockets to keep all of your paper currency in and they also contain several slots to hold all of your cards. They may contain a little pocket with a zip or button to keep all of your loose change in. Some also have a place to keep your photos and may also contain a transparent window for this very purpose.

They may also contain additional methods to hold other things such as an important document. They are called bi-folds because they fold down the middle. Many of these types of wallets are made of leather. This is a popular choice because leather wallets have a sleek, masculine look. Fun fact: leather wallets are made usually from synthetic material instead of real leather.

2. Credit Card Holder

These are some of the sleekest wallets around. They are made this way to cut down on all the extra bulk. Their simplicity adds to its attraction and you can only store a few important cards in it. They are great because they can just about fit anywhere. They are not generally designed to carry loose cash as there isn’t much room to do so. They are slightly larger than credit cards which is basically what they were designed to carry, hence the lack of room for carrying cash.

3. Money Clip

This is not something you see every day but money clips are still around and being used. It is pretty much the opposite of the credit card holder wallet, where only wads of cash are held together by the clip. The clip is either a pliable metal or made of plastic. These are used by men who like to use cash only. One disadvantage of this though, is the lack of protection for the money. In a traditional wallet, paper currency is protected quite nicely whereas with a money clip, the cash is out in the open, basically. When it is in the pocket, it can get pretty dishevelled.

4. The Cell Phone Case

This type of wallet has a storage method for both your paper currency and your important cards. It also carries your cell phone on the other flap. This is a good wallet for only carrying the bare essentials because it really cuts down on other things you may otherwise carry.

Wallets have changed over the years. In fact, even in the last few years, wallets have been changing. Once, you would carry many things in it but now, wallets are made to carry less and made less bulky. Technology has caused wallets to change, as have banking needs and therefore, the wallet has adapted to these changes.


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