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4 Reasons to Add an Ottoman to Your Living Room

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Whether you have a large, sprawling home or a tiny, cozy apartment, an ottoman is a piece of furniture that will definitely suit your living room. Ottomans are popular because they serve many purposes such as a footrest, stool, or storage space. If you are looking for that special item to bring your living room together, below are some reasons why an ottoman should be considered and they rarely disappoint.

1. Small and compatible

Ottomans are an increasingly popular type of living room furniture due to the homeowner’s ability to tuck it away when not being used. If your living space is small, the ottoman can easily be tucked away until you have company and need to use it for seating or as a table. If your space is bigger, you may still want to tuck it away on occasion when not being used to conserve even more space.

Many ottomans have casters on the bottom that allow for easy rolling into other areas. Due to their smaller size, they can be tucked into corners, besides sofas, or underneath coffee tables until they are needed. The casters and size of the ottoman also allow you to move it to a completely different room in the home if desired. Some styles are collapsible as well, allowing a homeowner to store it under a sofa or in a closer until it is needed.

2. Serves many purposes

Historically ottomans have been seen as mere places where one can put their feet up but it can be used for so much more than this purpose. In addition to a footrest, ottomans are a popular choice for guests during parties and holidays, often chosen before a seat in an armchair or on a sofa. Most ottomans have hinged lids on them and have storage space in them for magazines, books, music players, and toys.

The flat surface can serve as a table for meals in front of the television or snacks for guests and because of its light weight it can be moved to any space in the room. If a guest will be staying overnight and accommodations are limited, an ottoman can be paired with a comfortable armchair to form a makeshift bed that will provide the comfort for a good night’s sleep.

3. Health reasons

Not only are ottomans comfortable and convenient, they have health benefits as well. When used in addition to a chair, a person can relieve back pain by putting their feet up on the ottoman as this relieves pressure on a person’s spine. An ottoman can also improve the posture of people of all sizes. A taller person can sit in a chair and relax their feet on an ottoman as opposed to sitting too low on a chair in a squatting position that can strain the back muscles.

Ottomans can help shorter people by providing a place to put their feet instead of letting them dangle towards the floor. This causes body weight to pull forward and create an unnatural curve in the back.

4. It can match anything

No matter the shape, colour, or style of your living room, an ottoman can always be found to match your arrangement. Ottomans come in all shapes, sizes, and materials, guaranteeing that you will find one that matches your room perfectly. An ottoman can easily add character to any room it is placed in and becomes a fun and unique accent piece.

Ottomans are a popular choice because they can be matched to the existing colours and furniture of a room or can be a drastically different colour from everything else to create a focal point in the room. Either way a homeowner wins by adding an ottoman to their living room.



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