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4 Tips to Choosing an Outdoor Pizza Oven

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Outdoor pizza ovens are such a wonderful addition to your home. Whether you want to enjoy a day with your family, preparing and cooking it together or have friends over, it is a great way to entertain. It’s also a great conversational topic as you sway your friends into getting one. They have really become very popular because it is easy to use, cooking time is quick plus it is also easy to clean.

If you cook a pizza in a hot wood fired oven, it will be the best pizza you have ever had! Here are some tips on choosing an outdoor pizza oven.

1. Sources Of Fuel

Nowadays, outdoor pizza ovens are portable and most of these are wood burning, but there is a reason for this. You can heat the oven to as high as 800 degrees which can help to make sure that the crust is crispy plus it will also cook quicker. There is also a choice of the wood you can use which can give it a nice smoky flavour that just cannot be replicated in an indoor oven.

Hardwoods like ash, maple, cherry and birch can give it a sweet smoky taste to die for. They are heavier than softer woods, so they burn longer and at a higher temperature.

2. Size

Depending on you and your back yard, you will probably be concerned about the size and portability of the oven. Some can handle only one pizza while others can cook up to four. Keep this in mind when you invite guests. A large baking chamber means the oven will also be heavier. Think of where you will put your pizza oven and if you will move it.

Some of the larger pizza ovens can weigh a quarter of a ton and if this is the one you fancy, pick one that has wheels (or you’re going to need to hit the gym a lot). Smaller ones are much easier to move because you can remove them from their base.

3. Cooking

Outdoor pizza ovens are built is such a way that the curvature and their heat retention ability allows you to cook at really high temperatures. It is also a good idea (always) to pre-heat your outdoor pizza oven for about an hour if possible, so that the internal temperature reaches about 800 degrees. This will make the oven floor the perfect temperature to cook thin-crust pizzas nice and crispy to perfection in about one and a half minutes!

For a thicker crust pizza, use less wood so that the crust can rise first and then it will get nice and crispy. For a thicker crust pizza, you can cook it at about 500 degrees for about five minutes.

4. Other Considerations

When you are buying an outdoor pizza oven, make sure to keep safety in mind. These things can reach a really high temperature, which is what you want, but at the same time, you do not want any outside parts to cause burns. You also want your oven to maintain its temperature. Also remember that despite the name, you can actually cook other foods in it as well.

Cook meat, burgers, favourite veggies and even bake cakes and cookies in it. Just make sure to keep an eye on it because it can cook things faster, so you don’t want to burn the food. The fire burns everything off, so just sweep out the ashes and you’re good to go for next time.


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