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4 Tips to Create Mobile-Friendly Business Forms

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Technology has undeniably altered the way business is done. As computing capabilities have improved, and user-friendliness has continued to increase, many businesses have begun restructuring their day to day operations to capitalize on technology. Continued innovation in the IT world has led to the development of countless applications which can improve business operations, and as a result, old methodologies are slowly becoming obsolete.

Most modern businesses are well equipped to handle desktop computing, and even mobile computing via laptop computers. Handwritten paperwork and physical documents are rendered almost pointless with proper use of a computer. More recently, however, we’ve seen an explosion of popularity and development for smart devices, most often represented in the form of smartphones and tablets.

Smart devices provide a unique window of opportunity to further modernize business operations, and businesses are beginning to move in a direction which can better utilize them. Desktop computers are powerful but limited to a single space. Laptops are mobile but struggle with battery life, and their size and weight is a major inconvenience for some jobs.

Smart devices provide a unique combination of power, usability, and ease of access. While conducting any business, employees are likely to have their phone with them, and odds are it’s a smartphone. This constant availability makes them the perfect tool to modernize with. Tablets provide a similar degree of mobility, but with additional access to traditional computer accessories, while maintaining a pocket or bag size. Both devices are lightweight with long battery lives and provide access to a vast array of apps and services.

Filling out important forms is of major importance to many business’s operations. Forms largely already made the jump to the IT world, and the next logical step is managing forms through mobile smart devices. Here are a few ways mobile forms can help modernize your business.

1. Accessibility

Immediately, the added ability to complete forms using a device which is always on hand adds a significant amount of convenience. Employees are less likely to forget to fill out paperwork when it’s always available. Whether they’re in a vehicle, at a worksite, or even at home, employees can pull out their devices during their downtime and fill out the necessary paperwork, without needing to travel back to the office.

2. Remote Access

As we touched on above, mobile devices are almost always available. This means that employees located in remote areas can fill out forms and send them back to the office automatically. As soon as a wifi connection is detected on a mobile device, a mobile forms app can quickly send any completed data back to the office, without requiring any additional input. This can be particularly useful with spotty internet access in remote locations, or for travelling employees. Automatically sending forms to the correct parties ensures that important data is always available.

3. Build Forms of Any Complexity


Enterprise-grade mobile forms applications provide a modular solution to building forms. Whether you need a series of simple forms or one large and complex form, an application makes it easy to design the perfect form. Mobile forms applications provide employees with any custom forms they may need at any one time. If you need a new form, or just to add an additional piece of information to a current form, an edit is no more difficult than a few button presses.

4. Reliable Redundancy

Automated mobile forms applications provide a level of redundancy not available to any other type of forms management. Forms can be saved on the device they’re completed on and are automatically sent to the proper location as soon as wifi becomes available. Thanks to this automation, important business data isn’t lost if a device is lost or damaged. The risks of losing paperwork are entirely eliminated when the digital forms are safely delivered every time, on time.

Smart devices continue to impact businesses in countless ways, so it’s important to understand how they can be used to improve operations. Don’t let the continued presence of your smart devices go to waste, use them to modernize your business today.


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