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4 Types of Products Made for Leak Detection for Food Packaging

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Making sure that packaging for food items doesn’t leak is crucial. Not only does non-leaking packaging make food taste better but it makes the food much safer as well.

Customers that eat food with damaged packaging can become very ill and even have their lives threatened so if you own a restaurant or food manufacturing facility, the right leak detection equipment is important. Following are four of those items and they all do a great job of keeping your food safe.

1. Immersion Equipment

One of the best ways to detect whether a package is leaking is to submerge it under water. This is a technique usually used only for packages that have air in them. Although it isn’t a literal piece of equipment, this is a proven method of making sure that food packaging is leak-free and therefore safe. Leaky packages will produce air bubbles as soon as they are placed under water, which is a sign that the manufacturer needs to strengthen the packaging.

In addition to testing for leaks, this method can also reveal a package’s bursting point, which in turn is used by certain companies to calculate its strength.

2. Dry Chambers

Typically used for packages that contain various types of liquids, dry chambers use a vacuum to do their work. In this equipment, you place a package on top of a paper towel or some other item that is absorbent and then place it within the dry chamber. The vacuum is dry within the chamber and when the test begins. Once the testing is complete, you take a look at the paper towel to see if it’s wet. If the paper towel or other item is wet, it means that the packaging is leaking and further action must be taken. A dry chamber is the perfect type of leak detection equipment for packages filled with liquids.

3. Machine Vision Testing

This type of equipment consists of a computer with a camera on the inside and it is a very effective technique, thanks to advanced technology. The camera assesses the food packages and reveals all of the leaks it finds. In fact, the technique is now so advanced that it can detect leaks that are 5mm in size, which is quite small. It is also a great device for detecting leaks in many different types of packages so it is a very versatile piece of equipment.

4. Vacuum Chambers

The way this chamber works is simple. During the testing process, all of the air and other gases are removed from the packaging and the result is that even minute traces of gas passing through the packaging can be detected. Vacuum chambers often use a helium tracer gas and a detection device besides the one in the chamber to conduct the test correctly.

In addition to detecting leaks, the vacuum chamber is perfect for any business that ships products by hair. The vacuum chamber will automatically let the business know if the product is able to withstand high altitudes, which is determined by noticing if the package collapses while it’s in the chamber. It is therefore one of the best leak detection equipment products available. Please visit Flexpak Inc Leak Detection for more information.


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