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4 Unique Characteristics of Quartz Countertops

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Perhaps the most popular countertop of all is the granite countertop, but it has a serious challenger in the quartz countertop. Quartz countertops have steadily grown in popularity and there are several reasons for this. There are certain benefits and advantages to having the quartz variety which might explain this growth in popularity.

Quartz is one of the hardest minerals on the planet and it is also one of the most abundant as well. Let’s take a closer look as to why many people are opting for the quartz countertop and why you may want to consider it as well.

1. It’s Manufactured

Quartz is manufactured and because of this, it can really be very attractive. Being manufactured, it can come in a wider range of colours and designs when compared to natural stones, which are somewhat limited in appearance, like with granite or marble. A finished piece of quartz, being engineered, can really look incredibly luxurious which is hard to do with other surfaces, making the quartz countertop that much more unique.

2. Durable

There is a bit more of durability with a quartz countertop. While granite, concrete and other stones are also quite durable, there is a difference with quartz, as it is a little bit more forgiving. This is because the others may be prone to a bit of chipping and cracking; you won’t find that as much with a quartz countertop. It also has a slightly different feel to it. With other material, there is a slight hardness that many people find to be a little unpleasant but you won’t find that with quartz.

3. Non-Porous

Quartz is a non-porous material, which means that it is not so susceptible to staining. With materials such as granite, marble and concrete, there is an element of staining, as those who own such countertops will probably vouch for. When it comes to spills such as oil, juice, coffee, wine and tomato, to name a few, you will find that quartz will come out a winner when compared to other hard-surface countertops. These can be hard to remove and is quite easily visible.

4. More Hygienic

As mentioned, quartz is non-porous and resistant to stains. This means it is a cleaner and more hygienic option than other countertops. The material will not harbour viruses and bacteria, unlike the other countertops. This is probably one of the most important differences when compared to other materials. When you clean the countertop, you do so with the knowledge that it will be absolutely clean. When you consider that you can keep this area of the kitchen clean as well as the bathroom countertop, it gives a bit more peace of mind and helps to keep your family safer.

A quartz countertop is probably the most logical option for countertops. It is very low maintenance and does not require any resealing on a regular basis. It has a beautiful, natural look to it. These engineered countertops can make the use of pigmentation to come in a variety of colours which you cannot do with most other hard-surface countertops. Depending on your needs, stone or glass can also be combined with the quartz-resin mixture allowing for a huge number of textures and colours that you just can’t do with other countertop surfaces.


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