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4 Ways to Differentiate Between Shipping Companies

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International shipping is by no means a cheap endeavour, but if you’re looking for a shipping company for your business, you can compare them to find one that’s right for you. You want to take your time, ask the right questions and be completely satisfied. After all, this may be a long-term relationship. You need on-time deliveries, excellent service and occasionally, be rewarded with lower costs as well. Here are some tips on doing a comparison and finding a shipping company for your business.

1. Get Several Quotes

To get proper quotes, you also need to be prepared. Make sure that you have all your information in order. For example, things like what you’ll be shipping, the size, weight, your timeline and whatever you feel is important. Then, you can expect to have more accurate answers. Remember, you’re looking for an experienced company with decent freight rates. Once you get some quotes, you can begin the process of choosing one over the other.

2. Product-Specific Specialization

If your company deals with a specific product or products that fall under a specific category, then it would be helpful to use a shipping company that has vast experience in it as well. This means that the shipper is already familiar with the process of dealing with goods in the field that you specialize in. You could consider them as ‘like-minded’ since they (and you) deal with the same product or industry. That means they have the expertise and training already.

3. Service Range

In the event that your business happens to deal with a variety of products with no specific specialization, then you want to use a shipper whose service deals with a wide variety as well. They will have the necessary knowledge and experience with customs clearance, insurance, shipping by air or sea and in other departments as well. They will have expertise and facilities for storage.

4. Delivery Time

This will obviously be a big issue for your business. Fast and proper delivery will help in repeat business and customer retention. Shipping abroad is always a trickier proposition, so if you find someone who can consistently ship on time, this is a huge bonus. Besides, time is money, as they say, so if a company does not take this concept seriously enough, then you need to move on. In general, air freight is faster than ocean freight. Where you are shipping from and the destination will have some effect on delivery times. However, if you decided to go with an experienced company, they can get the process moving faster and smoother.

Basically, look at the big picture, but you do want to go with an experienced and trusted name, one that’s built up a good reputation over the years.


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