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5 Elements That Make a Great ID Card

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ID cards have become such an important part of our business lives. There are some places where you cannot even get in without one. This helps to identify who works or doesn’t work in a company or building. Security has always been a big issue and the more modern the world becomes, the greater the need for improved security. Here are some tips about what makes the perfect ID card.

1. Single- Or Dual-Sided

You can have an ID card that’s either single- or dual-sided, depending on what security features are needed. Each company or organization will need to determine what features are important and needed and how much space will be allotted for it. Even though a dual-sided card can have a lot of information on it, it can still be carefully designed to still look good and professional. Important information can be printed on the back of the card as well.

2. Functional & Attractive Design

Care and time should be invested in designing the card. It should be both functional and attractive. The design should address the company’s branding and security needs. Visuals can also play a key role. For example, the use of specific colours and graphics can signify certain departments or specific floors in the building. This can also act as a security clearance. Colours and graphics can signify where an employee works or what he or she does.

3. Employee Photograph

There are some ID cards that do not use a photograph of the employee. However, it’s much better to do so. It looks more professional and also adds to security. After all, things like a passport or a driver’s licence make use of photographs for security measures and adding authenticity, so why should an ID card be any different? This also helps security personnel to do their jobs.

4. Signature

ID cards should have a signature as well for added security. If someone’s identity comes into question, a signature, along with the photo can help to verify if there is any fraudulent activity or if a person is unauthorized to be there. Again, verification is made simpler for security personnel.

5. Security

For added security, depending on the organization and the nature of the business, other security measures can be taken. Though a photo and a signature do help, a fingerprint or a holographic overlay can be included to enhance security. This would make any fraudulent activity almost impossible to take place.

Use cards that are known to be durable. Remember, ID cards can be vertical or horizontal, so consider this when designing the card. Prominently displaying the company logo gives it that touch of professionalism. Use quality cards along with a good ID card printer and you can make your own high quality ID cards effortlessly.


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