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5 Essential Check-Ups When You Buy a Used Car

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When buying a used car, there are so many unknowns involved that someone inexperienced can really fall for many traps. You need to be a little savvy and do some research to empower you. When you go in informed, it’s harder to scam you or get away with little white lies. After all, the seller may be experienced in things like this. Be the one with the upper hand. Here are some important things to do and check before you buy a used car.

1. Ask For The VIN

Ask the seller for the VIN look up, which is also known as the vehicle identification number. This will allow you to run a vehicle history report and find out many things about the specific car. You can find out if the odometer has been rolled back, if the car had flood damage, if it was involved in an accident and other vital information so that the seller can’t pull the wool over your eyes.

2. Inspect In Person (Inside & Outside)

Look for signs of rust and other forms of damage. This can indicate that the car is not well-maintained. Look at the interior upholstery as well as any repairs on the exterior. Open the hood and look at the engine and other parts. Signs of rust or wear and tear may indicate that it’s about to give a lot of problems sooner rather than later.

3. Take It For A Test Drive

When you take it for a test drive, try not to turn on the radio or music. Listen carefully for any squeaks, rattles and other odd noises. Do different things during the drive to really test all aspects. Go on local roads and highways, go uphill, downhill, take sharp turns, in other words, take it to the limit and do whatever it takes. Listen for any brake noises and make sure all the electronics function properly.

4. Have A Mechanic Inspect It

Spend some money on getting a mechanic to check out the car. It’s better to spend a little money having this done rather than spending thousands when things go wrong.

5. Research The Particular Model

Read reviews of what other owners of this particular model have to say. You can gain valuable insight. You can find out what flaws are a big concern, how the car performs in the long run and other good and bad points of the car according to other owners. This can play a huge role in whether you want to pursue your interest in this model or go with something else.

Make sure to take your time and don’t be rushed into anything, no matter how much of a sweet talker the seller is. Speak to a mechanic and try to get a fair price and go in armed and ready and get yourself a good deal. You may also decide to move on to something else, in which case, your research helped you dodge the bullet.


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