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5 Essential Features of Managed Hosting

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To be successful and competitive, a business owner needs to focus on sales and customer service rather than IT issues that could take attention away from the success of the business. For this reason, fully-managed hosting can be the most beneficial solution.

This model entails a service provider leasing dedicated servers to a client with all hardware being serviced and managed by the hosting company. Below are 5 reasons why a small business should consider managed hosting.

1. Server security

When you choose managed hosting services, your service provider will be in charge of all your security needs such as scanning for viruses, filtering spam, and addressing potential breaches. They are usually better equipped and experienced to handle security issues and can provide the best services for your small business.

This can also help you avoid any extra charges on additional security systems when choosing unmanaged hosting. Though self-management or even shared management may somehow look like a convenient option, managed server hosting for small business can offer best server security and allow you to concentrate on other areas of the business.

2. Better equipment

Establishing a dedicated server for your business can be expensive. This will not only require the need for you to hire experts to help with the installation, but you will also have to buy all the necessary hardware equipment. Using managed hosting saves the small businesses from having to purchase extra equipment for their websites which can include servers and software.

Managed hosting companies have all of the up-to-date equipment required to make sure your websites are online, accessible, and secure. This will also ensure that you do not have to spend time and money on equipment that needs to be repaired or maintained on occasion.

3. Technical support

Getting the qualified technical support you need can be challenging and most, if not all, small businesses do not have dedicated IT teams to address issues. In extreme circumstances such as website downtime or bad server connections, you need to act promptly to prevent losing customers.

Managed hosting comes with excellent support services available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It has integrated support that enables the hosting company to fix issues remotely, guaranteeing that you are back online in little time at all. Whatever problem or difficulty that you are experiencing, the managed hosting team is capable of taking care of it.

4. Monitoring

Managed hosting will save a lot of time for small business owners because it removes the responsibility of monitoring for threats and potential issues themselves. For someone who is unfamiliar with such processes, this can prove to be frustrating and difficult.

The service provider can help monitor all the systems and servers and make sure that they are functioning well. They can check for any irregularities with the system and either alert the user when there is a potential for failure or a security breach or take steps to address it without involving the client.

5. Data backup and managed storage

Small businesses must make sure that their data is stored and backed up safely and efficiently. Loss of data can create a lot of problems and can include extra resources and fees to rectify the situation. Managed hosting can present an uninterrupted power supply and data backup features to ensure that the website operates flawlessly.

Managed hosting allows a small business to delegate the more trivial tasks related to IT such as server management to the hosting service provider. This can reduce operation costs related to hiring database administrators or other professionals that can back up data and manage storage on your behalf.


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