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5 Features of a Hard Shell Briefcase

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You are in the market for a new briefcase but torn between either a soft shell or hard-shell style. The soft shell is stylish, compact when traveling, and plenty big enough, but there are certain benefits that purchasing a briefcase with a hard shell will offer that a soft shell does not. Below are the benefits of a hard-shell briefcase and how it just might be the right choice to suit your needs.

1. Durable

Whether you carry documents for work in your briefcase or are traveling with a laptop, camera, or iPad, you want to make sure your contents are protected. If you are using your briefcase for employment, a hard shell briefcase will ensure the things you are carrying are safe from the elements especially if you walk to work or use public transit. If you are traveling, it is common for airports to not handle people’s luggage with care.

A hard shell briefcase will offer added protection to guarantee the contents are safe while traveling and will not suffer damage under the pressure of bags placed on top.

2. Secure

In addition to being durable, hard shell briefcases are more secure than soft shell types. Hard shell briefcases do not have pockets on the outside that often leads belongings open to thefts and being lost. This type of briefcase is also beneficial when in an airport as people have often attempted to sneak illegal substances into traveler’s briefcases in an attempt to smuggle them into the country.

If you have a hard shell leather briefcase, all belongings are enclosed within the shell, allowing for sufficient security and safekeeping. Hard shell briefcases can be purchased with small combination locks on them to make sure your belongings cannot be accessed without the proper code.

3. Elegant look

While some soft-shell briefcases can be considered suitable for professionals, they will not replace the out-fashioned elegance of a hard shell briefcase. A hard shell briefcase can often be purchased in solid colours with few designs on them, offering an elegant and uniform look. Hard shell briefcases used by professionals are often covered with brown or black leather which give a smart and sophisticated appearance.

Instead of purchasing a black soft shell bag that is quite common and can create issues at airport baggage claims, a unique hard shell briefcase will allow you to identify and retrieve your baggage with relative ease.

4. Keep organized

When it comes to keeping organized, there is no contest between hard shell and soft shell briefcases. Soft shell types often only offer one or two larger compartments to keep your belongings in. In contrast, hard shell briefcases are often separated into compartments big and small, allowing you to separate items for easy access. For example, if you are travelling, your wallet, passport, and boarding pass can be placed into a smaller compartment for safekeeping and quick retrieval apart from your clothing or business items.

5. Lightweight

People often equate a hard shell briefcase with something that is heavy and cumbersome but this is not true. Hard shell briefcases are often made of plastic or sturdy cardboard covered by a material such as leather or light aluminum.

Either of these options offer effective protection of your contents but are extremely lightweight. Newer hard shell briefcases can also be purchases with two or four wheels on them, allowing you to commute to and from the office or through an airport or train station with extreme ease. The wheels are usually the type that can turn 360 degrees which will prevent your briefcase from flipping or losing balance.



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