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5 Important Advice Before You Replace Your Roof

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Replacing your roof is a serious but often necessary undertaking. The normal lifespan of a roof is twenty years and replacing the roof around this twenty-year mark will greatly increase the value of your home. Though a new roof will provide value and protection, the process can be difficult and stressful. It involves a home takeover by hired workers, very loud noises, and often an expensive bill.

Before you begin the process of replacing your roof, here are a few things you should consider.

1. Invest in good quality

By investing in good quality materials you are automatically adding value to your home and expanding the lifespan of your roof. The investment in longer-lasting materials can be as minimal as increasing your total cost by $100 – $300. In the long run, this is a very low cost in comparison to any problems you could incur with weaker, cheaper materials. Some high-quality materials include slate roofing and wood shake shingles.

2. Get a contract

With any type of remodeling or construction, it is very important to have a clear contract with you and your hired company. There are always complications that can arise and a contract can mitigate the risk that is associated with any project. Some points that should be explicitly stated in the contract include the materials agreed upon, clear details of what the work includes, and the expected length of the project.

One of the most important aspects of the contract is to have both parties agree upon the cost of the roof replacement. Make sure that every associated cost is noted and a final number has been agreed upon. This will remove any potential surprises once the work has been completed.

3. Determine if you should replace or restore

Roof restoration can seem like a very attractive option, especially for homeowners who do not have the budget for a complete roof replacement. Restoration includes the resurfacing or partial replacement of the roof. In order for a roof to be eligible for restoration, it must be in good condition, have proof of annual maintenance, and have no moisture or clear damage.

A thorough inspection must be completed by a credible company in order to determine if the eligibility of a roof restoration. If you feel that your roof is eligible for restoration, consider the long-term costs that are associated with this option compared to an upfront higher cost of a replacement.

4. Understand the basic process

Even though you may not be completing this process yourself, it is important that you understand what is happening to your home. Replacing a roof with professional roofers is a major investment, so it is important that you are as informed as possible. Ensure that you are involved in every decision and know the process that the company will follow.

Some key things to note are that the entire process should only take between 3 – 5 days, all existing shingles will be completely removed, ice and water protection, known as flashing, needs to be installed to all parts of the roof but especially to parts that could cause leaks. Never hesitate to ask questions to the hired company, it is your home and you should know exactly what is going on.

5. It will be noisy

A roofing project may only take three days but those days will be very loud. The scraping to remove old shingles, the hammering to lay down new ones, and everything else that is included creates a very loud home environment. Consider making alternate arrangements for these days to find some peace and quiet.


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