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5 Important Packaging Tips for A New Business

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Any business that sells products knows that if they can get their product packaging right, they’re well on their way to success. Product packaging is a huge factor and can make or break the business. It’s a constant battle to give your brand a personality, an image that is easily identifiable. However, various factors come into play such as the company’s budget and the timing of a product launch. It can be difficult for start-up businesses as well, so here are some packaging tips to help a new business.

1. Standing Out

It can be difficult to compete with the big boys, but they too had to start somewhere. If it’s a smaller business, there’s no reason it cannot stand out. Some businesses try to cut back on packaging costs, however, doing the opposite can have a positive effect. Do what it takes to stand out so that the packaging communicates with consumers and catches their eye. Attractive packaging can act like a silent salesperson.

2. The Personal Look

Consider packaging that looks personalized, as if it were handmade. Some of these imaginative and creative packaging really jump out and draw you closer to investigate further. Imagine the power this can offer a new product on the market.

3. Get Creative With Different Materials & Shapes

You’re only limited by your imagination, as they say. Instead of using the same material that just about everybody else uses, how about trying a different material? This will be unique and never seen before and can draw people towards the product.

The same thing goes for shapes. If everyone has a similar product that’s flat, try creating¬† one that’s of a different geometric shape. If they cannot see the actual product, you can display it clearly in vivid colour on the outside. Things like this can say you’re different from the competition.

4. Packaging To Encourage Repeat Customers

How about coming up with a package that’s functional to encourage repeat customers? For example, using a package that’s in the shape of a bowl, or whatever you wish. Customers can then bring the empty container and just get a refill instead of paying the full price. Getting a slight reduction will have customers coming back time and time again.

5. Consider Where You’re Selling It

Are you going to sell only online or will it be stocked on shelves in local stores? If you intend to sell it online and ship it directly to consumers, you may not want to come up with something too fancy. On the other hand, if it’s going to be displayed on shelves, you want it to draw attention, so a visually compelling package is what you will need.

Pay close attention to your packaging and packaging supplies, as it’s incredibly important. Some customers end up buying a product based on just how the packaging looks. If you can get this right, sit back and watch the magic happen.



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