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5 Important Plumbing Tips for Pet Owners

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Any pet owner can tell you that our furry little friends are a major part of our lives. They offer plenty of smiles and fond memories, but require a ton of love and care in exchange. In the simplest terms, love and care refers to feeding, bathing, and attention, but it isn’t quite as simple as that. The environments that the pets inhabit must be well maintained, as well. This includes the plumbing that can actually be greatly affected by any critters that you may have. When it comes to caring for your plumbing and your pets, it’s a good idea to keep these five easy tips in mind!

1. Place Strainers on All Drains

An unfortunate truth is that all of our pets shed their fur. Sometimes, they shed at alarming rates, as well. As you can imagine, all of that hair has to go somewhere, whether it be into your vents, your vacuum, or the carpet, it’ll the fur will end up somewhere. This is especially true for drains after bath time. When you bathe your animals, the fur will fall off and wash down the drain, creating a potentially nasty clog or worse. This can be avoided by placing strainers over the drains, preventing the hair from washing away with the water.

2. Close Toilet Lids

We have all seen a joke or two about a puppy drinking from the toilet, of course, but something the joke fails to cover is how harmful toilet water can be to an animal’s stomach. The very last thing that a pet owner wants is for their pet to get sick, especially over something easily preventable. This is why keeping the toilet lid down isn’t a terrible idea if your pet has a history of finding exotic water sources.

3. Filter Their Water

Everyone loves clean water, right? Would it be too much of a hassle to allow your loyal friends to enjoy the clean, refreshing water that you have become accustomed to? Filling your pet’s water bowl from a water filtration system can make them much healthier and might just prevent an illness or two while you’re at it. At the end of the day, giving them filtered water is an incredibly small price to pay in exchange for their well-being.

4. Mind Any Holes Dug in Your Yard

Another classic pet move is for them to dig up holes in your yard. It’s very cute and can be great exercise, but there also comes the danger of them digging something up that may not be very beneficial to you. If they manage to accidentally dig up your pipes, that could very possibly lead to them becoming damaged. As you can imagine, this would result in a pretty big, and potentially costly, headache just for you! So, if you see your dog digging away into the ground, you might want to take a look at what they’re digging up.

5. Pressure Balancing Valves in Fixtures are Your Friends

Have you ever been taking a soothing shower when suddenly the water temperature changed in a shocking and uncomfortable way? Whether it was suddenly scalding hot or freezing cold, the chances are that you would absolutely not want that to happen to your pet. Luckily, fixtures that have pressure balancing valves can prevent that from happening. It’s safer for your pet, and you get the added bonus of not having to experience that horror yourself. If you don’t know how to get this set up, contact a plumber for professional help.


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