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5 Marketing Benefits of PR Agencies

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Both new and established companies often wonder if hiring PR agencies is a worthwhile endeavor. With often expensive monthly packages, the main question companies ask is whether this investment will pay off. The good news is, PR agencies offer many advantages over in-house public relations, like their approach, industry insights, media contacts, and objective view. Here’s what PR agencies have to offer over the DIY approach:

1. A Strategic Approach

PR agencies have been in the game for a while. They know what works and what doesn’t, and how to make your product or service standout. Together with all of this experience, this means PR agencies are able to develop a strategic approach based on experience to tackle any challenges your company might be facing. If you’re tackling PR in-house, you won’t have the benefit of this depth of experience.

2. Industry Insights

As all business owners know, no two industries are the same. If you attempt to manage PR by yourself, you won’t have access to the deep industry insights that PR agencies offer. Your chosen PR agency likely deals with one or two specific industry, so your consultants will know the ins and outs, industry news and updates, and the common issues and challenges that companies face. Go it alone, and miss out on this very important industry context.

3. Established Media Contacts

One of the most crucial things on offer by professional PR agencies is their list of media contacts. Typically, this is the one thing the in-house PR employees don’t have. Your trusted PR partner will already have contacts in the media, and in your industry. PR agencies can use these links to promote your business in the right way to your target audience. Without a PR agency on your side, you won’t be able to leverage this experience to the benefit of your business.

4. Create Awareness

Like marketing, a good PR agency can help you build your business and product awareness in your target audience. Small and large businesses alike use PR agencies as a way to get free advertising and generate word-of-mouth buzz around their product or service. In-house PR teams can sometimes lack the credibility and persuasiveness to promote efficiently.

5. An Objective View


Finally, PR agencies will provide you an objective view about your product that you otherwise wouldn’t see. Of course, you believe your product is a winner and will be a huge hit in the market. A PR agency can help you tone down this enthusiasm and provide a reality check. They will give you an objective view of your company, its products and services, and how to build your image in the market. In-house PR can often be biased with overenthusiasm and zeal.

In the end, PR agencies are the best way to get word out about your product or service. Their objective viewpoint, established contacts, industry insights and strategic approach make their services worth the initial investment. You owe it to you company to put your best face out there, and PR agencies help you do that.


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