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5 Methods to Keep Those Weeds in Your Garden Under Control

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Summer is here, and you know what means for your lawn: plenty of weeds (no, we’re not talking about your favorite recreational habit). Weeds are everywhere and they’re killing your lawn.

One of the best aspects of spring and summer is that you get to show off your lawn. With a little bit of maintenance, planting of flowers and tender loving care, your front lawn can look immaculate. In fact, you could even say it’s the best lawn in the entire neighbourhood.

Unfortunately, getting rid of your weeds is a lot easier said than done. It’s hard to do since weeds are competing with your grass for space, sunlight, nutrients and water. Weeds are tough to beat.

What’s the solution? That’s why we’re here: to give your home a lovely lush green lawn. Here are five tips for controlling your weeds every homeowner needs to know:

1. Don’t Allow Your Weeds to See the Sun

As we previously mentioned, weeds are always fighting with grass for space to see the sun. You must prevent weeds from ever seeing the sun – think of it as solitary confinement at a lawn level.

How do you achieve this exactly? It’s simple: deprive them of light with mulch, wood chips, pine needles, straw or bark nuggets. It should be noted that organic mulches attract crickets and carabid beetles, creatures that will often hunt for weed seeds and imbibe them for a long period of time.

2.  After it Rains, Kill Your Enemy

When it is dry outside, it will be extremely difficult to get rid of your weeds. However, after a heavy downpour of rain, when everything is wet outside, you can take the time to kill the weeds.

Grab your table fork, crouch down and start pulling weeds that are dead on arrival.

3.  Off with Their Heads – On a Weekly Basis

Should you want to refrain from doing all of this work then there is another way: chopping off their heads once a week. That said, this is only a short-term and lazy measure to limiting your weeds’ effects on your overall lawn. That said, at least you won’t see too many weeds.

4.  Water Your Grass Properly

Many homeowners do not properly water their grass. They just grab the hose and water the lawn.

Unfortunately, this is likely what is contributing to the invasion of weeds. What you should start doing is properly water your lawn, which will stop the weeds and improve your grass.

Here are a few tips for watering your lawn:

  • Water your lawn early in the morning.
  • Soak your lawn once or twice a week.
  • Place a tuna can on the lawn and water your grass until it reaches the can.
  • Do not walk on your lawn after watering it; wait until the water is absorbed.

With these tips in hand, you can garner beautiful grass and you can eviscerate weeds.

5.  Perhaps Weed Sprays Are the Answer

In the end, if nothing is working, perhaps now would be an opportune time to commence utilizing weed sprays. These sprays will instantly kill your weeds without you performing any of the heavy workload. Of course, certain chemicals will infect your lawn, but if the problem is really causing a strain on your front lawn and backyard then a spray is your only option.

You may have a gorgeous tree. You may have the loveliest plants in the area. You may have a pristine lawn. But, all of that may go down the tube if you have weeds that are infiltrating your luscious green grass. When homeowners don’t want weeds, they can’t simply hope it will eventually blow over. The right measures must be employed to permanently remove them.

By instituting the aforementioned suggestions, you can become the envy of the neighbourhood.


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