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5 Power Tools Every Home Needs

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Every household should keep a few basic power tools on hand. That way, when you need a quick repair, or want to take on a weekend project, you’re prepared. Power tools are guaranteed to save you time, money and energy on household maintenance, which is why we’ve listed 5 essential power tools below. These are items that every home should make sure is inside the tool box.

1. An Electric Drill

Manually fastening screws can be damaging, inefficient, and costly. That’s why, an electric drill should be a staple item in your home.

This tool is small, reasonably priced, and exceptionally handy. It can be used to quickly hang pictures, drill into items, and fix furniture. Having an electric drill on hand, means you won’t have to struggle anymore to assemble furniture. That’s because, an electric drill guarantees speed, and precision with every use. So, you won’t have to worry about screws slipping out of your hand, or accidentally drilling in the wrong place. The drill will also be able to tighten, and secure screws more effectively than a hand. This will ensure a sturdy hold, and items that are free of wobbly parts.

2. A Circular Saw

A circular saw is a handheld, electric saw that is used for cutting through material. If you enjoy refurbishing items, or want to freshen up some old furniture, the circular saw is your answer. This small saw is powerful, cordless, and rechargeable. Ideal for cutting through wood, it will leave you with a clean, straight cut, every time.

3. A Jigsaw

The jigsaw is used for much more intricate, and precise cutting. This tool is specifically designed to smoothly cut curves into items. That makes it the perfect tool for cutting holes into material such as drywall, or wood. Using a jigsaw will ensure an accurate and smooth cut, that can’t be replicated by hand.

4. Nail Gun

Using a hammer to put in a nail can be ineffective, labour intensive, and tedious. But, with the help of a nail gun, your projects will take no time at all.  That’s because, this item, is deigned to use the force of compressed air, to punch nails into a surface. All it takes is the click of a button, and you will be able to seamlessly drive a nail into any surface.

Nail guns do come in many different sizes, and are used for a variety of projects. Therefore, it is important to know what you intend to use it for, prior to purchasing, Using the wrong nail gun on an item, can cause irreversible damage. For example, if the nails are too large, it can snap the material, or cause it to shatter.

5. Sander

A sander is a tool that electrically smooths surfaces using sandpaper. This handy tool, can help to give your project a more consistent finish, and save you hours of labour intensive work. When manually sanding, it is easy to miss a spot, use inconsistent pressure, or simply tire of the work. Which is why, you should invest in an electric sander which will alleviate you of all these issues.

Since all sanders are not designed equal, do some research prior to purchasing, to find the best one to suit your needs. Sanders come in different sizes, styles, and powers. From specialty handheld ones for woodworking, to large and powerful models; this tool is guaranteed to improve the outcome of all your projects.


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