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5 Questions to Ask Your Immigration Lawyer

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The subject of immigration can be quite stressful for the person(s) concerned, so naturally, there will be a lot of questions on their mind. Nobody wants anything to go wrong. Finding a good immigration lawyer in itself is quite a task. You want someone with a good reputation and an even better track record.

Since you are the person affected, it’s up to you to do all your research. It is a time-consuming practice but one that can pay off handsomely. If you are looking for an immigration lawyer’s help, these are some of the top questions to ask of him or her.

1. How Often Will You Contact Me?

You want to know how often the lawyer will contact you and how this contact will be made, whether by phone or e-mail or by other means. The thing with immigration matters is that the whole process can take a long time. You need to understand this. Because of this, it can sometimes feel like you are completely forgotten. However, your immigration lawyer must always be available to answer any concerns you may have. They must be able to take your phone calls or at least return your calls within a reasonable period of time. The same thing goes for e-mails. You would like to be updated periodically, which is understandable and your lawyer must be able to do so.

2. Can You Provide Any References?

Though this is a fair question to ask, there is also the confidentiality factor, being a legal service. However, the lawyer may have a lot of former clients who were very happy with the services provided and they may have sent letters of thanks or testimonials which the lawyer should be able to share with you.

3. Do You Think I Have A Good Chance Of Success?

A good, experienced immigration lawyer will be able to honestly tell you what your chances are regarding your case. One thing a lawyer must never do though, is to guarantee that your case is 100% in the bag. If this is the case, it is quite possible that something dishonest is going on. These things have a habit of being found out and eventually, you may be the one to pay the price. Stay clear of a lawyer who guarantees success.

4. Who Will Represent Me?

Make sure to ask this particular question. You may have found the law firm as a result of a commercial you saw on the TV, with the top lawyer appearing in the commercial. Do not assume that this is the lawyer who will represent you. Generally, this lawyer has a team working under him or her. However, you are entitled to ask if the lawyer who will represent you has the necessary experience and qualifications.

5. How Much Will This Cost Me?

An immigration lawyer should be honest and upfront regarding the cost. This way, you know that there won’t be any surprises later on. The lawyer must be able to explain clearly so that you understand completely.

Make sure that you hire an immigration lawyer and not a consultant. A consultant is not only limited with what he or she can do but they cannot appear in a federal court. Their training is also minimal compared to everything a lawyer has been through in terms of their education. So, make sure to hire and use an immigration lawyer to give you the best chance of success.


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