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5 Quick Facts About Facelifts

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Sometimes, misinformation about facelift surgeries can cause anger and confusion, especially after a surgery. You went in thinking one thing, but the results leave you feeling a little disappointed. Sometimes other methods like creams or laser therapy may promise the results of a facelift, but do they really deliver? Before your facelift surgery, it’s best to get reliable information so that you know what to expect and more importantly, what not to expect. Here are some facts on facelift surgeries that you need to know about.

1. No More “Wind Tunnel” Look

It’s the 21st century and you don’t have to have the “wind tunnel” look when having a facelift. In the old days, this is what happened, when the skin of the face was pulled back. Today, you can achieve a more natural look to your facial appearance. Plastic surgeons can do so much more to make patients look years younger and the results can have them look like this for up to ten years.

2. Don’t Expect Wrinkles To Go

If you have a surgical facelift, don’t think that wrinkles will just disappear. Wrinkles are surface-layer imperfections and it will have to be addressed with other forms of treatment. If you’d like to get help with wrinkles, you will need to follow up your surgical facelift with Botox, filler treatments and slow skin-resurfacing. Speak to your plastic surgeon about this so that you can have both procedures done in order to look your best.

3. Facelift Is For The Lower Face

There appears to be some confusion as to what a surgical facelift is. This procedure only addresses the lower face and not mid-level features or the eyes and forehead. A facelift helps with the jowls, neck and jaw line. An eyelid lift and brow lift are additional procedures, though it can be done at the same time. If you’re considering having these done as well, it may be advantageous to do it all together so that it’s not two recovery periods, but just one.

4. A Surgical Facelift Is A True Facelift

Don’t believe non-surgical procedures that are advertised as facelifts. A true facelift will not only give you proper results, but they also last for years. Other “facelifts” just use Botox or fillers to smooth wrinkles and give volume to the face and the results will never be the same as that of a surgical facelift.

5. Longer Incisions Are Better For Results

You would think that a smaller incision would be better but it’s the opposite that’s true. The longer the incision, the better and more dramatic the improvement. Shorter incisions only mean that your recovery time is quicker. With a longer incision, the recovery time needed will be more, but the results will be very satisfying. It’s better to look good than to feel good, right?


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