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5 Safety Tips When Using Sports Bleachers

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Have you ever been hurt by bleachers before? If not, it could happen in the future.

You wouldn’t believe it, but bleachers are a serious safety hazard for all different kinds of parties. Whether it is the attendees or the installers, bleachers can cause bodily harm if you’re not careful enough. It is estimated that 20,000 people a year are hurt because of bleachers.

Many facilities, organizations and sports teams utilize the bleacher seats. When you want to add bleachers to the atmosphere, you need to ensure that you won’t face a lawsuit anytime soon.

Do you want to prevent an injury from occurring? It is important to adopt a series of safety measures for everyone at any stage: installers, players, fans, families and bystanders.

Here are five safety tips when using bleachers for your sports:

1. Keep Bleachers a Safe Distance from the Field

Here is a conundrum: you want the bleachers to provide attendees with a great view of the field, but you also want to establish a safe distance. By striking the right balance, you can prevent injuries from baseballs, equipment and perhaps even athletes.

Ultimately, you will need to keep a safe distance between the bleachers and the field.

2. Prevent Slip & Fall Accidents

A common occurrence at any event is a slip and fall accident. This happens when it’s dry or wet so it isn’t entirely your fault. That said, it is important to incorporate safety precautions.

How can you achieve this? Here are a few things to consider:

  • Install hand rails on the steps.
  • Add slip resistant materials.
  • Keep your bleachers dry at all times (see below).
  • Ensure you are complying with building regulations.

By instituting these measures, you can make sure that people won’t be slipping and falling.

3. Always Inspect the Bleachers

Whether it is temporary or permanent, you must perform regular inspections of your bleachers.

You should be on the lookout for loose nuts, bolts and screws, sharp edges, cracks in the foundations and splinters. In the event of a structural failure, the bleachers could crumble.

As soon as you come across something loose or damaged, it is your job to repair it.

4. Clean Your Bleachers & Keep Them Dry

Yes, it may be hard to accomplish, especially when the bleachers are outdoors, but you should aim to keep your bleachers clean as much as possible. You want everything to be as new as possible, shiny, sterile and clean. Moreover, you should try to keep them dry, too – if you’re attending a fall baseball game, nothing is worse than sitting on something cold and wet.

5. Using Temporary Bleachers? Properly Set Them up

Are your bleachers only temporary? Well, that shouldn’t matter because you should still properly erect them. Your bleachers must be correctly established and properly secured. The one in charge of this should have in-depth training and a great deal of understanding of the manufacturer’s guidelines.

In addition, when you take down the bleachers, you should store them and ensure they’re secure.


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