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5 Shopping Tips for City Bicycles

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Choosing a bicycle is a personal experience that must be taken on over a period of time. This is the vehicle that will be taking you around your neighbourhood, across roads and throughout the region’s pathways. Making the right choices for you requires you to take a number of factors into consideration.

City bikes are designed for the modern commuter making their way to and from work using the environmentally-friendly bike instead of their gas-guzzling vehicle. But each option offers unique advantages, and so within this latest post, we’ll present our tips for choosing city bicycles.

1. Make comfort a priority

City bicycling involves twists and turns through narrow paths and on smaller bike lines. You’ll have to traverse curbs and avoid cracks in the sidewalk. It’s important you stay comfortable as you make your way across the city. An essential consideration is frame geometry. Is the bike at the right height for you to sit upright as you cycle? Are you able to sit comfortably with your arms in the ideal position on the handlebars?

2. Safety should be a leading consideration

Safety is of the utmost importance in choosing a city bike. While mountain bikes are built for speed and for durability, city bikes should be built for safety in the event that you have to brake suddenly for a vehicle. The brakes should be designed so they be applied quickly and without much force. The bike should also be designed solidly to minimize the amount of movement associated with going over curbs and cracks in the road.

3. The design should require limited maintenance

While most city bikes should be taken in for maintenance on an annual basis to ensure that gears are well oiled and the braking system is tuned, the amount of overall repair and maintenance work to be completed should be minimal. Most city bikes are built with simple gear systems that will usually require limited care over time, but make sure that you know the bike’s maintenance requirements before you make the investment. The goal is to find a robust vehicle that assures ideal performance without the additional work and expense.

4. Consider additional accessories

The city bike has become something of an iconic fashion element in recent years. And many are now personalizing their city bicycles with the latest lights, GPS systems and drinks holders. Consider the options available with each bike. You might not think it’s important now, but having a cup holder resting next to your handlebars can be ideal when you need that quick sip of coffee on your way to work. Likewise, the lighting products available for the bike could dictate whether you can travel the city in the evening when meeting friends for dinner. Take a look at the options available for making the bike your own.

5. Test the bike in the city first

If you’re living close to the city area in which you’ll be doing the most biking, make sure you take city bicycles for a test drive before you choose the ideal vehicle. Take at least three bikes for a ride before making your final decision. Consider their level of ride stability, the comfort under the seat and the amount of time it takes to brake from significant speeds. This will help to ensure you make the right choice and choose your ideal bike for the coming years.

City bikes are now becoming a must-have option for those living and working in and around the city. Take the tips in this post into consideration as you take on the bike shopping process. In doing so, you’ll quickly find that perfect choice for your lifestyle.


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