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5 Tips for the Best In-Store Display Shelving

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What do your shelves look like at this moment? Shelving is crucial for any traditional brick-and-mortar establishment. Without the right type of shelf management put into place, you may not stand out from the crowd, you may not grab the shopper’s attention and you may not appear to be fun and exciting. In other words, shopping at your store is boring and uneventful.

Whether you are selling books or you are offering kitchen utensils, you want to have an incredible shelving mechanism in place. This could entail how you put together your shelves to how you arrange your items. Whatever the case, you should attempt to think outside of the box. Unsure what to do? Let’s take a look at your retail outlet’s options.

Here are five tips for the best in-store display shelving:

1. Tell a Unique Story

With conventional stores attempting to compete with the digital landscape, it is important to be different. You need to make the shopping trip an event rather than a task that needs to be done.

No, you don’t need to transform your store into a nightclub, but little things really count.

In terms of your display shelving, you should try to tell a unique story with any of the products you are selling. For instance, let’s say your specialty is film, then you could produce a shelf that features science-fiction/horror films from the 1950s or 1960s (Greg’s picks).

Storytelling is key.

2. Embrace Empty Space

When you’re a retailer, you may believe that empty space is the bane of your existence. Not true.

By having a small amount of empty space, you can encourage your customers to focus on the important items and ensure their eyes are being attracted to certain elements of the store. Moreover, it gives your products the opportunity to breathe without being cluttered or crammed.

3. Don’t be Afraid to Mix It Up

Come on! Why are you being so conventional? Why are you so petrified of being unique?

Simply put: your display shelving should be fresh, fun and fascinating. The only way to do this is to mix it up, which also includes the previous point of telling a unique story.

By mixing it up a little bit, you can garner attention for specific items that may or may not have been noticed in the first place. It also offers a bit of a combination sale as well.

4. What is Your Colour Palette?

Now there’s a question…

The colours of your display shelving may need depend on the overall atmosphere for the store. It also may need to depend on what type of store you have, what kind of customers you have and what the store’s décor is like.

But here’s a tip: the colour should try to make your items look clean. Remember, there is always a colour that can do more harm than good, like a mixture of pink and black. A dark blue and light grey can work as much as plain white shelves.

5. Decorate Your Shelves with the Products

Finally, a unique concept is decorating your display shelves with the products themselves.

Remember when we mentioned that you may be selling DVDs? Well, you can use the DVD covers to decorate the shelves that can then complement your other items and shelves.

Today’s generation of brick-and-mortar stores are always competing with online companies. It can seem impossible to do, but by making your customers’ shopping trips an event more than merely a shopping trip, your store can suddenly become coquettish, tempting consumers to visit your business for their clothes, books or movies.

Display shelving, and how you put them together, is imperative to generating sales. Be different, stand outside of the box and be fun. If you combine these factors, you’ll see more sales.


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