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5 Tips to Clean a Mascot Costume

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If you own a mascot costume, you need to make sure that it is in good condition pretty much all of the time. After all, it is going to be seen in public and you want to set a good example for whatever it is that you are representing. It’s important to look after it, otherwise it may not last as long as it should.

As you can probably tell, custom mascot costumes are unique and different, so they require proper care. If you want to make your costume last and also look in good condition always, follow these simple and effective tips.

1. Parts Made Of Foam

Many mascots have parts that are made of foam. The foam is then covered by fabric of some kind. Because of the foam parts, they tend to be a little rigid. That being the case, you need to wash these by hand. Use warm water when washing by hand. Don’t use any harsh chemicals or detergents, but use something mild. Also, use a soft brush to wash it. You need to get yourself one of those wet vacuums to remove excess water. Have a stain remover handy in case you need to use it in an emergency.

2. Do Not Dry Clean

Dry cleaning uses heat and chemicals, so refrain from doing this, as this will eventually damage the costume, probably permanently. Use hand cleaning only. If you make the mistake of dry cleaning, the repairs can be quite expensive. If it can’t be salvaged, you have to spend money on buying a new costume.

3. Hang Dry

After you finish washing your mascot costume, make sure to hang dry it. This is probably the most effective and safest method of drying the costume. Using a dryer can cause some damage. A dryer may also cause shrinkage or loss of its vibrant colours. It all depends on your costume as well. If you are positive that parts of your costume won’t get knotted, rip or melt and is dryer-safe, then go ahead, but use low heat or preferably, no heat at all.

4. Disinfecting Your Costume

Parts of your costume will need to be disinfected, especially the places where it comes in contact with your skin. These tend to be areas such as the hands and feet, the head and mouth. Use a good disinfectant spray to clean these parts. This should also help to remove any unwanted odour.

5. Putting Your Costume Away

When it comes time to put your mascot costume away, you first need to make sure it is clean and completely dry. Make sure to take some of these extra precautions, since these costumes cost a lot of money. It can be so easy to throw it in a corner or squeeze it into some bag when you’re done with it for the time being. Try not to do so. Some of these costumes can be quite large and bulky. If the head can come off, place it in such a way that it does not lose its shape. Shoes should be stored soles down and anything else properly folded. There should be proper ventilation and should not be too hot or cold.

Proper care and cleaning will keep your costume looking sharp and eye-catching. Look after it, as it is expensive. This way, you can enjoy using it for a long time.


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