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5 Tips for a More Flavorful Vape Experience

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One of the best things about switching to vaping from smoking cigarettes is the wide range of e-liquids available. Quite literally, the number of different e-liquid flavors available go way beyond your imagination. From tropical fruits and rich tobacco to coffee and refreshing mint, you can try a new flavor anytime you want. Both beginners and advanced vapers, however, sometimes find difficulty in getting as much flavor from their vape. In this guide, you’ll learn five simple tips to enjoy a more flavorful vape experience.

1) Choose the correct PG/VG ratio.

If you’re not new to vaping, then you may already have a certain preference when it comes to PG/VG ratio. In case you didn’t know, PG, or propylene glycol, carries flavor better than VG. This is why you would often hear vapers recommending PG e-liquids for those who want more flavor and throat hit. VG, on the other hand, is better suited for vapers who want to chase clouds. For starters, it’s recommended to choose e-liquids with a 50/50 PG/VG ratio.

2) Play with variable voltage/wattage and temperature.

Most vape mods today come with variable voltage/wattage and temperature control. Finding the perfect settings can make a tremendous difference in the way you enjoy the flavors from your e-liquids. There is no one size fits all settings configuration out there, so don’t hesitate to play around with your device. You would want to start with low wattage and temperature and slowly ramp things up until you get the flavor that fits your preference.

3) Adjust the airflow.

Another area you should tinker with is the airflow settings on your tank. Ideally, you’d want to have a device that comes with adjustable airflow. For a more flavorful experience, it’s recommended to open up the airflow holes completely. On the flip side, completely shutting off the airflow holes causes a tighter draw, less vapor, and more throat hit.

4) Use new coil heads.

In an attempt to save money, many vapers tend to use the same coil heads even when switching from one flavor to another. If you have tried this before, then you know that this causes you to still taste the last e-liquid you put in the tank. To get the best flavor possible, you should use a new coil head for every e-liquid you have. At the very least, take the time to clean your coil and the tank if you are switching up e-liquids.

5) Fix vaper’s tongue.

There is a phenomena in the world of vaping called vaper’s tongue. This happens when you no longer seem to taste the flavor of your e-liquid. Just like your nose gets less sensitive to a familiar smell, your taste buds might also get less sensitive to the flavor of the juice over time. To fix vaper’s tongue, try to vape different flavors of e-liquids during the day. You can also try smelling coffee beans or anything with a strong scent or eat spicy food before vaping. This helps neutralize the taste buds so you can feel the flavor of your e-liquid once again. Visit Dashvapes for more information and resources.


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