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5 Tips to Get Comfortable in Your New Orthotics

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Ouch! My feet! We’ve all been there, done that. The important thing is to see a doctor right away. If you ever had a foot condition, then you already know about how to get used to custom orthotic inserts. However, if you have just been diagnosed with a foot condition, and you have been given a pair of custom orthotic inserts, then you’re probably wondering how you can get comfortable.

Foot pain, flat feet or heel pain are just some of the reasons why you would obtain orthotic inserts. As soon as you put them on and walk around, you’ll feel slight discomfort. That said, you don’t need to feel uncomfortable when you’re sauntering around town with these types of orthotics. There are many ways to remedy these feelings almost immediately.

Here are five tips to get comfortable in your new orthotics:

1. Start Off Slow

When you first get your pair of orthotic slips, you must remember that it will take some time getting used to. The best thing you can do is to wear them down, but at a sluggish pace.

For instance, once you have your orthotics, they should be worn gradually for two hours on the very first day. Moving forward, you should add another hour to wear time every proceeding day.

Not working? Then minimize the amount of time you wear them – only wear them for strenuous efforts as an example.

2. Always Wear Socks or Stockings

A common mistake that patients make is that they think they can get away with only wearing orthotics and nothing else. This is incorrect.

Once you are prescribed orthotics, or you purchase over-the-counter ones, you need to always wear socks or stockings with the orthotics. This allows you to fully utilize the orthotics, and you prevent exacerbating your foot pain.

3. Buy Shoes for Your Orthotics

The shoes you wear now may not match the orthotics – and vice versa.

As soon as you are given some orthotics, one of the best things you can do is buy a new pair of shoes that will fit with the orthotics. Therefore, as you try to wear down the orthotics and become accustomed to the feeling, then you can do so with ease and comfort.

4. You Must Clean Your Orthotics Regularly

Raise your hand: how many of you clean your orthotics regularly? Anyone? No? Bueller?

Well, it is important to clean your orthotics with lukewarm water, soap and a dry rag. This not only ensures the efficacy of orthotics, it also prevents any foul odours.

You just need to make sure that the orthotics are dry before you put them on again.

5. Nothing Working? Speak with Your Podiatrist

If nothing is working, and it seems to be impossible to get comfortable sporting orthotics, then you may have no other choice but to consult with your podiatrist. The healthcare professional will work out a game plan with you and try to determine the right orthotics for your medical needs. They know how much pain your feet are in, so they will do their best to correct the situation right away.

It is true that some patients with foot problems will experience orthotic blisters, though it is rare. Should such problems arise, or you’re unable to get accustomed to orthotics, then you need to employ the aforementioned suggestions to properly wear orthotics to remedy your foot issues. Everything from gradually wearing the orthotics to cleaning them on a regular basis, there are plenty of measures to employ to ensure that you can remove your plantar fasciitis or overarching feet. You just want to enjoy a walk again without enduring significant pain.


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