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5 Ways to Save Money When You Buy a New Printer

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One of the leading challenges companies face when investing in new printers for their firm is that that over-spend on the investment. This then means that they have to save money in other areas to balance their budget moving forward. If you’re considering an investment on business printers in the coming months, it’s important to know how to conserve expenditure. And so, within this latest post, we’ll present a quick guide to saving money when buying business printers.

1. Choose Printers that Streamline Workflow

A leading way to begin saving money on the latest business printers is to choose printer products designed to streamline office workflow. For example, why not consider the latest wireless printers? Instead of having to plug in the printer and connect to a device or computer, teams can now use wireless printers to quickly print important documents.

This is exceptionally important in the modern marketplace, where a number of team members are now using mobile devices to store documents and manage their day-to-day working processes. The top wireless printers can be used to print documents from smart devices, helping companies become more productive and eliminating the need to buy additional technology to connect the printer to the network.

2. Train Teams to Use the Printer Immediately

Team training is an important part of investment in new equipment for the company. Make sure that team members have a clear understanding on the new printer and its benefits for their workflow. Work with the printer seller to create training manuals to use during the training process. And make sure that any questions can be answered with clear guidance.

The training process can help prevent bottlenecks in productivity as the new printer is added to the office. It can also important to ensure that managers have the opportunity to oversee initial system use to correct any confusion.

3. Consider Consumables

It’s a fact that many of the leading business printers as well as retail printers are offered at a low price point as a way to promote the purchase of consumables. That’s why it’s imperative that business leaders consider the total cost of consumables for their system before they make their printer purchase. This is particularly important for small business owners who have little flexibility in their budget.

Consider laser printers, which are designed with toner that lasts for 1500 pages, rather than the comparable inkjet model, with toner that only lasts for 150 pages. This could make all the difference when analyzing product cost.

4. Ask about Maintenance

What are the maintenance requirements for the printer? Is the product known for its durability and long lifetime? These are important considerations when evaluating new models. In addition to speaking with the seller about the product’s maintenance requirements, business leaders should speak with others who have used the system before. Only by speaking directly with past product users can leaders ensure they find the right model for use within their company.

5. Buy Proven Brands

One of the leading mistakes companies make is choosing low cost printers from new brands as a way to save money. Not only does this step not help them save money, but it actually costs them more money in the long term as they have to spend more time shopping for a new printer and then integrating the new printer into their organization. Simply buy proven products from the well-known brands to make a safe investment in printing hardware.

This latest guide presents all the information you and your team need to know about consolidating the cost of your printer purchases. But only by working with a local equipment expert can you find the ideal system for your business. Contact a local specialist today to discuss the available options.


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