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5 Ways to Streamline Your Business with Digital Forms

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Digital forms are now used throughout the business marketplace. And this means that documents are being sent throughout the day between team members at various levels of the organization. In order to run their operations more effectively and ensure that forms are completely secured and effectively completed, team leaders must harness digital form management applications. In this latest post, we’ll explore the benefits of the latest forms app and tools for growing organizations.

1. Faster Dispatching

In days gone by, work teams had to deliver forms directly to the office by a certain time. This often meant that important personnel were spending hours driving miles out of their way to deliver the form to the right person securely. Now, the secure transmission of forms can be completed with the touch-of-a-button. The latest tools allow for forms to be sent directly to the right person via secure web portals, ensuring that the sender gets confirmation upon receipt.

2. Effective Asset Management

With assets being transported across the country on a daily basis, today’s growing firms use management tools to track incoming and outcoming products. The latest options allow teams in warehousing spaces to scan the QR code on the product and automate the sending of receipt documents to the sender. The process helps to prevent instances of lost freight and ensure products can be tracked throughout all transit stages.

3. Image Review

When product failure occurs at a customer office, a company requires guidance on the exact nature of the issue and confirmation for their office records. Dispatch teams working at customer locations can now using digital forms tools to take a picture of the product and sketch their notes as an overlay on the picture. This process allows for effective data transmission between field workers and office teams, and ensures the customer issue can be managed and resolved effectively. This is ideal, for example, for HVAC teams working to resolve unit issues at homes and offices many miles from their company location. It means that work orders can be approved by management staff on short-notice.

4. Streamlined Invoicing

Rather than simply relying on the accounting team to take on all invoicing work, the accounting experts can be kept for final proofing for large-scale financial matters. The newest digital form tools help teams embed job data into their forms with precision, ensuring that work orders can be priced more effectively. This can also be an essential element of invoicing. Work teams can embed data on hours worked into forms in real-time, helping to eliminate invoice errors and ensuring the accounting team has instant access to all job costs. Company management teams now have immediate access to actionable data on resources, for more effective real-time financial forecasting.

5. Automated Time-Stamping

Through using the latest digital form products, companies can automate the time-stamping process. This is essential for various processes. For example, when completing inspections of work sites, forms must document when the work was completed and who completed the inspection. The automated time-stamps means that data is immediately linked with its real-time location and event time. Teams don’t have to go back to forms to add in the time and data at which inspections were completed. It helps cut down on the level of administrative work completed throughout the organization and ensures teams comply with industry safety inspection regulations.

Digital forms are now an essential tool harnessed by all members of staff throughout growing companies. By working with the right product for their company, firms can mitigate compliance issues, save money on travel, and limit the amount of time between work approvals. It’s the ideal addition to the efficiency-focused business. Review the full range of digital form tools available to your organization today.


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