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6 Best Construction Marketing Ideas for Companies

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If you’re in the construction business, you’ve probably experienced difficulties with marketing your company for the masses. Many commercial construction companies work with multiple contracts and work sites at the same time, which leaves little available time for actually promoting your business.
You don’t want to be stuck doing two-bit jobs for the rest of your life. You want good clients and great contracts. With that in mind, here are six best construction marketing ideas for bringing in more customers!

1. Network at trade shows

Trade shows are a great way to meet new people who can be helpful to your business. When you set up a booth at various shows to, well, showcase your company, connections are often just a few footsteps away. By being friendly, helpful, and actually interested in other people/businesses in your industry, you can form long-lasting connections that will benefit you in the long run.

Additionally, potential clients often attend trade shows. Having a great booth with eye-catching visuals, helpful information, and maybe some free swag (bookmarks that double as business cards are a great choice)…it will all bring people to your booth.

However, as you talk with both potential clients and peers in the construction business, make it a point to be consistently helpful and encouraging – give people what you hope to receive from them and you’ll feel better about yourself and your business.

2. Utilize social media as a marketing tool

Social media for a construction company? These construction marketing ideas might not be your immediate go-to for developing marketing strategies or pulling in new clients. But social media is a powerful influencer (for both good and bad) that you’d be remiss not to use for your business.

You might want to start out small as you create social media profiles and pages for your business. A Facebook page is a good place to start – and make sure it isn’t specifically associated with your name/profile. That way, if you sell the business you can switch page admins for the new owner (if they’re interested). Instagram can also be a place to network.

Just remember the 30/70 rule for running a social media account for a business: thirty percent of all posts can be marketing your company. The other seventy percent needs to be good links, photos, memes, tutorials, and articles for your followers – content that isn’t necessarily promoting your business, but that is helpful to your fanbase. People want value from all the social media accounts they follow.

If you don’t give it to them, they’ll leave. So keep the promotional/marketing posts balanced with other great content and you’ll do fine.

3. Become a construction association member

When you join a construction association, your company will receive an instant boost of credibility. It’s great to include the fact of your membership somewhere on your website and social media platforms so potential clients know that you’re the real deal. People are instinctively more prone to trust businesses that are part of an association of industry professionals – and that can only mean good things for your business.

In addition to providing added credibility, joined a construction association can bring you in touch with new people who can become part of your business network. Time spent with other professionals in the construction business is never time wasted. Make the most of these connections!

4. Get to know property investors

Property investors who buy, sell, and flip houses can become some of your best and most frequent clients if your connect with them in the right way. First, you’ll need to actually find some property investors in your area. Then give them a call. Offer them a special package or discount the next time they purchase a house that needs some construction work.

Once you’ve actually landed a contract (or two) do a great job and make sure the property investor has your contact information. Chances are that they’ll need your services again (and probably in the near future). By maintaining a cordial, professional relationship with different investors, you can score contracts with greater regularity.

5. Look into creating a customer referral program

Word of mouth marketing is one of the best promotional tools your business can have. However, it can be hard to know when and if your marketing will take off in this direction because most word of mouth campaigns happen organically.

One way to get the ball rolling is to create a customer referral program. Let your current customers know that if they recommend your services to someone else (and that person hires you) you’ll give the original customer a free service or discount. It’s a great way to motivate your customer base and bring in more business.

6. Make sure you’re in local directories

This doesn’t necessarily mean the Yellow Pages (or some similar publication). Most people search online for the services and businesses they need so you should make sure your business is listed in the most relevant local directories. People can’t find you if you aren’t there to be found so create a few profiles today!


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