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6 Places to Find Temporary Sales Staff for the Holidays

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The holidays are now in full swing which means retail companies are in the midst of one of the busiest times of the year. Many stores hire extra staff to help cover the workload during the hectic holiday shopping hours. While many shoppers go to stores with specific items in mind, others have no ideas what to buy and rely on the store staff to help them. Hiring the right sales staff can have a significant impact on how well your company does during the holiday season.

Hire additional staff can be an added stress for some employers. Because the work is only temporary, many hired helpers have very little time to learn the job, and bosses have just as little time to properly train them. Untrained and under qualified staff can do more harm than good in the sales industry.

When you’re hiring people, even if it is only for a short term, you want someone who can do the sales jobs right. These following tips can help you improve your staffing during the holidays:

1. Universities and Colleges

Many college and university students will be looking for a job to help with their holiday spending after exams are finished. Many young adults have had some experience in retail already, so they are familiar with the industry and environment. If your shop caters to their needs, they might even be familiar with your merchandise.

2. Hire Customers

When looking for additional help, who better to hire than the people who shop at your venue. Many individuals are looking for ways to make a little extra cash at this time of year, so putting a sign in the window is a great way to let your consumers know you are looking for help.

If you know some of your habitual shoppers personally, you can ask them if they are looking for a job. Hiring those who buy from your store gives you a great advantage because they already know the product, like it, and are very enthusiastic about telling others about your merchandise.

3. Talk to Your Staff

Some existing staff might be looking for extra hours during the holiday season and welcome the opportunity to put in more time. If you talk to your staff first, it can help you plan how many more hired helpers you will need. Current employees do not need training because they already know the job so having them in the store more will be beneficial to both.

4. Ask for Referrals

Coworkers and customers, friends, and family members are the best people to ask for recommendations in hiring others. If they know anyone who is looking, they can quickly contact the person who can then contact you. For hiring managers, this cuts time in sifting through numerous resumes, and, because they are being referred, someone close to you is familiar with their work history and ethics.

5. Ask Friends and Family

Friends and family might have some time to help carry the workload through the holiday season. Asking loved ones to help has many benefits. Chances are they have been in your store and are familiar with the product, they will happily promote your merchandise to customers, and they are reliable.

6. Go Through an Employment Agency

Sales employment agencies have a data base of experienced professional sales staff ready to come and help. The agencies have already done the screening and training, so you do not have to worry about going through that part of the hiring process yourself.

Christmas is a busy time for many retail places. Although it is only temporary work hiring the right sales staff is important to ensure you have a successful holiday season.


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