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6 Simple Guidelines to Family DNA Testing

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Are you wondering if a DNA is worth the investment especially to discover your ancestry? The answer is straightforward. A DNA test is the best way to explore your ancestry and the connections you have with relatives across the globe.

If you are looking to delve deeper into your past and gather data to complete your family tree research and trace ethnicity, you can accomplish all of this with one DNA test. DNA testing helps you find family and trace your lineage through time. You receive a unique result showing your roots.

If you do decide to go ahead with a DNA test for ancestry purposes, make sure to choose qualified geneticist and anthropologist experts, and a company that offers confidentiality of your personal data. Here are the main reasons to consider a DNA ancestry test:

1. Discover your roots

You probably have an uncertain history and family paper trail that is pushing you to take a DNA test. You are also interested in your ancestral make-up, migration patterns and country of origin, which can be achieved with the DNA test. DNA results are astonishing. The results show all the geographical regions of your origin. Your great grandparents probably migrated and therefore their movements are not traceable. However, with the DNA test, you can trace back to 500 years and obtain a breakdown of all the regions that contribute to your roots. You can learn about where and when your ancestors migrated through the centuries.

2. Build your family tree

If you have started a family tree, you will need to learn about your ancestors in order to develop a complete big picture. Tracing connections was impossible before the advent of DNA testing. With DNA results, you can find long lost relations and complete your family tree research accurately.

3. Understand your background

DNA testing takes family history to the next level and transforms your understanding of your past. Now you can discover more about yourself and your family. Using DNA testing you can complement your paper-based findings of family history, which were not achievable with traditional documentation. You discover your personal ethnic mix and a clear understanding of your genetic ancestry. Results are illustrated as a percentage making up your entire ethnicity.

4. Puts you on the right track

DNA tests trace the correct ancestors. Traditional research is long and can never be 100% accurate. Through the DNA test, your research results and connections are solid. It narrows down the search using DNA and not just your surname, which provides you with a focused group of relatives, located in a specific region or across the globe. Research using just your surname will provide several connections with the same surname that may not be relatives.

5. Simple steps with no long wait periods

The protocols, visits to test laboratories and collection of results are no longer difficult steps. In fact, it is completed in four simple steps – ordering a DNA test online, a swab of your cheek, shipment of sample and the review of results online. Once you have submitted your sample, you then sit back and wait for the exciting results to be available online. After in-depth DNA analysis, you will receive a link to your information through a secure online account with the test center. The process today is a lot easier and results are delivered within weeks.

6. Affordable

Science and technology have developed significantly over the past years. DNA at one point of time was expensive, but now an affordable service that can efficiently find relatives and trace ethnicity.


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