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7 Famous Celebrity Pilots Who Can Fly Airplanes

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Some people are simply born with an overwhelming amount of natural talent and potential. As you can imagine, those people find success quite easily in life. Whether they be performing on stage, on set, or on the field, they will always find a way to go above and beyond the expectations of the standard individual.

Some celebrities literally go above and beyond, however. Straight into the clouds above from the pilot’s seat. Today, we will be discovering seven high-profile celebrity pilots who are licensed to fly airplanes:

1. Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie has played so many roles over the years that it isn’t so difficult to see her as an aviator. The actress was inspired to fly after watching airplanes depart the airport with her son. While soaring through the air may not be something she is most well known for, it is safe to say that she did excel at being a pilot. As one of the most famous female celebrity pilots, perhaps a future project will see the actress and director exploring the sky on film.


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2. Zach Braff

The comedy featured in the hit television series Scrubs was often warm and humourous. However, the show did occasionally dip into the realm of core shaking drama. Scrubs star Zach Braff had a similar moment of grounded reality when he developed a deep fear of flying as an adult.

For some people, the best way to tackle a phobia is to address it head-on. This is exactly what Braff did when he decided to learn to fly in 2008. He earned his pilot’s license in November of that year, and more than likely conquered his fear of flight by doing so.


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3. Harrison Ford

Some celebrities fit the role of pilot perfectly. Considering that Harrison Ford started his impressive acting career by playing an iconic pilot in Star Wars, seeing him behind the controls of an airplane shouldn’t be such a shocker.

Like most celebrity pilots in this list, Ford has quite the passion for aircraft maintenance systems, as evidenced by his extensive collection of airplanes. However, the actor recently made many headlines following an unfortunate aviation accident that he was not seriously injured in. Fortunately, the incident does not seem to have soured flying for Ford.


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4. Clint Eastwood

Clint Eastwood is known for playing hard, abrasive characters in films such as Dirty Harry and The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, so it would only make sense for the actor to have some of the characteristics of the stoic roles he owned with ease. These personality traits seem to drive him towards the heavens as a pilot.

When speaking about his experience with aviation, the actor spoke on how free, as well as isolated, a person can be in the sky. “You’re just a number in the sky. Everybody pretty well leaves you alone,” Eastwood once said in an interview.


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5. Dave Coulier

On the set of the hit television sitcom, Full House, Dave Coulier was a fan favourite for his portrayal of the warm, goofy Uncle Joey. By giving life to the beloved character, Coulier showed that he was a talented actor and comedian, but he had a lesser known talented that far predated the show.

Coulier began flying at the young age of 15 and received a pilot’s license at 20. He is now instrument rated and still flies to this day.


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6. John Travolta

In the years following his role as a greaser in the iconic Grease, John Travolta has seen roles such as lawyers, law enforcement, and simple everyday men. However, anyone familiar with the actor off-set knows that he is as much of a character in real life as he is onscreen.

Travolta’s skill as a pilot is an excellent example of this. The actor is so passionate about aviation that he has even been known to keep a Boeing 707 parked outside of his home. He has also put his piloting skills to use for charity. Travolta often delivers much needed supplies to the scenes of natural disasters such as 2006’s Hurricane Katrina that devastated the southern United States.


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7. Tom Cruise

Following the iconic role as Maverick in 1986’s Top Gun, Tom Cruise decided that he wanted to embody the character a little more fully in real life. This led to the actor receiving his pilot’s license in 1994, and sparking a seemingly unending passion for the action star.

Cruise now owns multiple planes that he seemingly now can not get enough of. The actor even flies so much that he has gained a bit of controversy from an environmental group. The environmental group criticized Cruise for his habit of flying excessively, which can be hard on the environment. With the upcoming sequel to Top Gun, however, it is safe to say that the actor is still very much interested in the world of aviation.


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