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7 Features You Want in Your Watch

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A watch is a style element that can improve or detract from your look. It can highlight your commitment to style while showcasing your unique appeal with its design. It’s why so many are now choosing wooden watches as the latest fashion accessory. In this latest post, our trusted team highlights seven reasons for choosing the latest wooden watches from the leading manufacturers across the marketplace.

1. Natural Appeal

As in-home design, natural products are now becoming an important element in fashion. Wooden watches showcase a return to colours and patterns that are found in our natural world. Slowly, we’re moving away from the synthetic plastics and towards natural products that integrate perfectly with the world around us.

2. Environmentally-Friendly

Wooden watches are also an environmentally-friendly alternative to metal and plastic watches. Instead of having to dig deep into the ground or build large factories across the country for the refining process, wood requires very little fabrication. It can be sourced using environmentally-sensitive practices that are monitored closely by government teams. In addition, by wearing wooden watches, you’re helping limit the amount of carbon released into the environment.

3. Wood Offers a Unique Style

Rather than simply choosing metal or plastic products, many are selecting wooden watches because the wood helps them to maintain their unique style. The newest wood products stand out on the marketplace for their natural elegance. Another great advantage is that is the natural appeal of wood can ensure there are a number classic styles and colours to choose from, reducing the potential for two people to have the same wooden watches in their assortment of accessories.

4. Lightweight

Now we’ve highlighted the aesthetic and environmental value of the wooden watch, it’s time to consider the functional value these pieces provide. First and foremost, they’re lightweight. Compared with metal watches that can often feel cumbersome on the wrist and cause you to have to remove the watch throughout the day, wooden watches are exceptionally lightweight. This means that wooden pieces can be worn while taking on almost any activity. Whether you’re playing sports or simply relaxing at home, you’ll feel at ease and comfortable wearing your wooden timepiece.

5. Temperature-Resistance

Because the wood product is naturally resistant to temperature change, the system won’t warm or overheat with time. Anyone who has worn a metal watch will tell you the piece can collect heat from the sun during the warmer months, causing the material to heat up significantly. Wood watches will remain a consistent temperature during use and can offer exceptional comfort regardless of the surrounding environment.

6. High Level Durability

The wood products won’t warp in the heat or the cool temperatures like some plastics might. They retain their shape and performance and will helping provide the ideal fashion statement for years to come. That’s because wood is designed for natural durability levels. The material has to remain protected against the changing temperatures in the forests, and so it’s the ideal option for those seeking a timepiece that will provide comfort and durability. It’s how many are now getting great value from the use of wood watches.

7. Warranty options

Before entering the marketplace and selecting your ideal wooden watch, it’s important to consider how to select the best option for you. Make sure that you work directly with a trusted expert that has experience in manufacturing quality wooden watches. Ask about their warranty options and consider the reputation of the firm in the marketplace. Finally, take the time to ensure the watch is ideally suited to your unique style.


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