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7 Most Interesting Facts About Cannabis Oil

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No matter what form it comes in, cannabis has its fair share of supporters and critics. Nowadays, consumers can buy cannabis in many marijuana dispensaries near their location, especially since marijuana has been made legal in quite a few countries over the last several years. Marijuana has been made legal for medical and recreational use in some states in recent years as well.

Cannabis oil is one of the forms that you can get cannabis in today and is also one of the most common forms purchased by consumers. However, many people don’t know any facts about cannabis oil, just that it’s use is widely popular. That’s why we will discuss the seven most interesting facts about cannabis oil:

Fact #1 – Cannabis oil is a highly concentrated form of cannabis.

Many consumers don’t realize that cannabis oil is a highly concentrated form of cannabis. An interesting fact about cannabis oil is that it’s made by mixing cannabis flowers with other solvents. It is mainly taken in medical oral doses for different types of conditions. It can be taken alone or mixed with food if the consumer prefers. It can be made into edibles, such as brownies as well.

You need to be extremely careful when buying cannabis oil, as different strains contain different levels of THC and the labels are not always correct.

Fact #2 – There is more than one type of cannabis oil.

Another fact about cannabis oil is that there is more than one kind on the market to purchase. This is a common mistake people making, thinking that the term refers to one product.

While cannabis oil tends to fall into two main categories, high-THC and high- CBD oils, there are many different sub types out there to choose from. Whether the cannabis oil you choose is for recreational or medical use, you need to do your research about the type you’re purchasing and what it can be used for, as well as the percentage of THC in the compound, if there is any at all.

Fact #3 – Cannabis oil is being used to treat medical conditions.

Every form of cannabis oil has gained massive popularity in the last few years, with people using it for a wide variety of medical conditions. While there is no concrete scientific proof backing the fact that the oil is working for these conditions, there are reports of patients using it for chronic pain, asthma, arthritis, Crohn’s Disease, heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and much, much more.

Still there are no scientific facts that have concluded that cannabis oil is helping these conditions. You need to consult your primary health care provider before starting any type of cannabis oil treatment, and make sure it’s legal to use in the state you live in as well.

Fact #4 – There is no proof that cannabis oil cures cancer.

While it would be amazing if it were proved, there is still no scientific or medical proof that cannabis oil cures any type of cancer. The evidence that has been presented is controversial at best. There is more of a chance that the cannabis oil treats the symptoms of cancer but is in no way a cure that everyone was hoping for.

Fact #5 – Cannabis oil may or may not get you high.

The debate is still raging as to whether cannabis oil gets you high. The CBD version lets you treat your symptoms without getting high, while it’s said that the THC version can be turned into edibles that do give you the high effect. Cannabis oil with THC works as a medical and recreational form of the cannabis.

Fact #6 – Cannabis can help with mental health problems.

Again, there is no concrete proof that cannabis oil helps with mental health problems such as depression and anxiety. There are studies that have suggested that it does, however. Other research has hinted that THC could help patients with Alzheimer’s disease with mental alertness as well, so it’s very possible that in the future, THC- based cannabis oil could be a great help in the mental health department as well. That is a time that everyone would love to see arrive.

Fact #7 – Cannabis oil helps to control seizures in children.

Some of the biggest supporters of cannabis oil have been the parents of children who take it to help control seizures. Many of these young children have only found relief from the seizures when using cannabis oil, though there is no scientific proof as with other things on this list. Studies continue to be conducted to find out for sure if cannabis oil benefits children under 18-years of age when it comes to controlling the seizures that plague them.

These are just a few interesting facts about cannabis oil for you to learn. Whether you decide it is the best choice for you or not, now you are at least armed with the facts and can make an informed decision.


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