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7 Tips for Moving Into a Furnished Apartment

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Furnished apartments are quickly becoming one of the leading options for those seeking accommodations in major cities around the world. The lifestyle these apartments afford sets them above non-furnished options and allows for those staying in the apartment for a short period of time to enjoy a comfortable stay in a property built as the perfect home. But not all furnished apartments are alike, and it’s important that you know how to choose the ideal furnished apartments for your needs as you go on your travels. In this latest post, we’ll explain seven tips for choosing furnished apartments.

1. Make sure you see all the photos

You should be able to see all the photos when booking your furnished apartment rental. The floor plan should be provided as well as comprehensive information on the furnishings and features of the apartment.

2. Speak with the owner on the phone

Before booking furnished apartment rentals, speak with the owner of the apartment on the phone. Oftentimes, renters make the mistake of trusting the owner via email, only to find they’ve fallen victim to a rental scam. Speak with the owner by phone to get sense of their business and look to see if the company has a website and reviews you can use as a guide on their services.

3. Look at maps of the local area

One of the most common mistakes that renters make is not looking at the local area around their furnished apartment before they complete their booking. Make sure that the area is deemed safe, particularly if you’re bringing family members. Are there signs of disrepair when you look at local houses on Google Maps? This is a clear sign the area is not safe.

4. Confirm costs before completing the booking

Confirming the costs is an important part of the booking process. If you don’t confirm the final price, you may find you’re spending more for the apartment than you had originally intended. For example, some apartment owners will add a security deposit to the rental fee. Make sure that the deposit is totally refundable and that you’ll receive the money back once you’ve completed your stay.

5. Look for restaurant and entertainment options

While you might be visiting the city on business, you’ll still need to have some down time while staying at your furnished apartment. Consider the local restaurant options and speak with others in the area about the night life and entertainment. Before you complete your booking, you might consider looking at local reviews and deciding where you’ll be enjoying your meals on your trip.

6. Plan to arrive in advance of check-in time

The check-in time for your booking will give you an idea on the expectations of the rental company, but to ensure you achieve full value for your rental price, you might consider arriving an hour before the check in time. This will give you the opportunity to ensure that every element of the property fits your personal needs. It can also help ensure you know the the local area so you can better plan your activities over the coming days.

7. Inspect the apartment before you leave, and take pictures

In order to ensure the owner of the apartment doesn’t make any false damage claims, make sure that you take pictures of the property before you leave. Note any scratches or damage you had seen when you arrived.

Booking furnished apartments in major cities around the globe is considered the best way to enjoy a luxury travel experience. Use the guidance in this post, and review the latest furnished apartment options.


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