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7 Types of Packaging Solutions

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Packaging is the process of enclosing or protecting products for distribution, sale, usage, or storage. Advanced packaging solutions take care of the hygiene factor as well. Exceptional packaging supplies that can meet a variety of needs are available today in the market. Here are some packaging solutions that you can consider when looking for help.

1. Wooden or Plastic Crates

These crates are in high demand because they are usable. They also have an excellent shock resistivity and moisture. Wooden or plastic creates also protect the content inside them from both moisture and pests. They are quite expensive. However, because they offer value for money, you can consider the solutions whenever looking for packaging supplies.

2. Cardboard Box

Cardboard boxes are arguably the most common in the market today. You can use them for shifting, transporting, shipping, and storage of materials, and they come in different sizes and shapes. It’s the cheapest option and can securely hold fragile items. You can also cheaply print all the information for your products on the boxes.

3. Foam Packaging

Foam is a packaging solution for transporting breakable items. The solution holds the items in a secure way. And you can ensure it’s molded and assembled according to your own specifications.

4. Pallets

Pallets are medium prized and are used for stackable non-fragile products. While one cannot print extra information on it and is used alongside certain boxes and creates, consider it when you have stackable products and want a solution that you can use as a display to little effect.

5. Bamboo

This is an alternative packaging solution in Canada today. Its easy availability and eco-friendly nature make it in high demand. Whenever you are looking for packaging supplies, go for bamboo if you need a solution that will help you to reduce non-biodegradable wastes.

6. Fiber

Wooden and plastic packaging has been in high demand for a long period. But with the introduction of fiber packaging, things are changing fast. It’s replacing wood and plastic mainly because it is 100 percent recyclable and is also lightweight.

7. Inflated Air Cushions

The cushions are efficient packaging solutions that can easily be inflated and deflated at any time whenever a need arises. Inflated air cushions are known to provide the right cushioning to the content stored within them. For this very reason, these solutions are increasingly been used these days.

The type of item that you want to package will determine its individual packaging style. The cost may also vary depending on the size of the products and other factors. When your company reaches a certain size, you cannot continue to do all the packaging yourself, and in this case, you may have to turn to packaging supplies. Choose the right company that can design packages that meet your unique business needs.


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