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8 Alarming Signs Your Neighbor Is Watching You

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Welcome back. How was your trip to the Bahamas?” your neighbour shouts across their side of the fence. You quickly shout back, “it was awesome.” As you make your way to the front door of your house, you freeze. “I didn’t tell anyone I was going to the Bahamas!” As you turn to inquire how he knows you were on vacation, he’s gone. Days go by and you can’t shake that sneaky feeling that your neighbour is watching you.

There are many telltale signs that your neighbour is watching you. For whatever reason they are doing it, it’s extremely discomfiting to know someone is watching you.

Here are eight signs your neighbor is watching you:

Sign #1: They have insider information about you

Do not buy the assertion that they got wind of your vacation through the grapevine. That may as well be true, but if you never told them you were going to the Bahamas, you should be concerned. You should get even more concerned if they also seem to have confidential information about your life. They simply have no right or reason to poke their nose into your business. You most likely have a neighbour spying on you.

To catch such a neighbour, start a funny rumour through a loud phone call with an imaginary person. In the phone call, mention loudly that you are planning on buying a new car. If that stupid neighbour later asks you about the model of the car you are planning on buying, you have just caught your spy red-handed!

Sign #2: A sneaky feeling you are being watched

Ever sensed that someone is staring at you, and then you turn and, indeed, they are. When you have this sneaky feeling that you are being watched, this is probably a sign your neighbor is watching you.

You could be in your backyard minding your business, and you cannot shake off the feeling that someone is watching you through the fence. You turn around to try and catch them in the act but there’s no one. Well, your sixth sense is probably right. If it tells you someone is watching you, it’s likely because someone is.

Sign #3: Someone appears to have tampered with your mail

If on several occasions your mail arrives open, or you collect it outside your mailbox, you might want to be more vigilant. While this could be just a coincidence, if it happens once too often, there’s more that meets your eye. How to catch the culprit? Place a self-addressed letter in your mailbox. If later you find it has been opened, you may have a spy from across the fence who is opening your mail on purpose.

Sign #4: You discover listening devices and surveillance cameras

If you suspect there are hidden cameras and listening devices in your home that you didn’t install, get anti-spyware and sweep your entire home to ferret out the annoying devices. It’s better to feel like you are being paranoid than regret it later.

Sign #5: You are being stalked on your social media

If your neighbour rarely comments on your social media posts but they seem to know everything you post there, they are cyberstalking you. If this is the case and you are uncomfortable about it, block them. You might want to take this a step further and persuade your mutual friends to block them as well. Take extra precautions and resist the urge to post sensitive information, such as where you are visiting or where you currently are.

Sign #6: You catch them in action

If on one or several occasions you catch your neighbour staring at you through one of the windows in their house, chances are they have been spying on you. Use covert spy cameras to collect evidence that your neighbour is watching you.

Sign #7: Your neighbour appears to know your comings and goings

If your neighbour appears to show up every time you are leaving the house or coming back, without fail, every time, it’s hardly a coincidence. That “good morning” or “how was your day” may have more behind it than the usual pleasantries.

It’s uncanny how they seem to about your schedule better than you. If this is the case and they are making you uncomfortable, simply ignore them.

Sign #8: Your neighbour appears to know your comings and goings

If you return home to find a drawer open, and you can swear to high heaven you didn’t leave it open, someone was snooping around your house. It gets worse! You might notice papers strewn on the floor or your bed seems unmade. Someone was here, and it’s most likely that sneaky neighbour who gives you the shudders.

There are many telltale signs your neighbour has been spying on you. While you should try your best to live in harmony with your neighbours, if they are poking their nose in your business, do all you can to shut them down. In some cases, the intrusion may be alarming enough to warrant further investigation.


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