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8 Popular Bangkok Attractions for Adults

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If you love travelling, you will want to visit Bangkok. This is a fantastic location to add on your bucket list to visit in person. Bangkok is the capital of Thailand, and if you like noise and activity, this may be the place for you to go.

In Bangkok, there are many landmarks to see, activities to do and foods to try in every street. Before you embark on your next Thailand tour, you should have a good idea of which Bangkok attractions that interest you.

Below are the eight most popular Bangkok attraction for adults:

1. Grand Palace

You never want to go to Bangkok without taking the time to visit the Grand Palace, which is one of the most famous Bangkok attractions for adult tourists. This is by far one of the most incredible landmarks that you’ll ever see in your lifetime.

The Grand Palace was built in 1782 and was the home of many royal generations. Prepare yourself to see things that you wouldn’t see in your hometown by visiting this spot. You’ll want to keep your arms and legs covered because this is a rule that must be followed when at the Grand Palace.

2. Wat Arun

If you’re looking for indulgence that is typically beyond your wildest dreams, you’ll want to visit the Wat Arun. There are many wonders for your eyes to take in by going to the Wat Arun.

It’s ideal for staying long enough to see the sunset if you wish to enjoy this fantastic daily event. You’ll certainly have a view that may be beyond your wildest imagination.

3. Wat Suthat

Do you love various types of architecture? If so, it’s ideal for seeing the Wat Suthat in person. You may have a hard time believing your eyes when you see this popular Bangkok attraction in-person.

Wat Suthat is one of the oldest Buddhist temples around this area, and it offers a wealth of beauty for any eye to behold. Visiting the Wat Suthat may even help you discover an inner tranquility and peacefulness within yourself.

4. Giant Swing

You never want to leave Bangkok without taking time to see the Giant Swing. This is indeed one of the most fabulous Bangkok attractions for adults, and you won’t be disappointed with your visit.

In years past, this was where a religious gathering had a ceremony. While you may not see that now when you visit, you’ll be able to take in all the glory and beauty this location has to offer.

5. Chatuchak Market

If food is on your mind when in Bangkok, you’ll want to pay a visit to the Chatuchak Market. At this popular Bangkok attraction, you can choose from all types of jewelry and other items. This is undoubtedly the place to be if you want to do a bit of shopping while visiting Bangkok. Don’t forget to stock up on many things you can pack into your suitcase to take home. It’s unlikely you’ll find a lower price than at this public market in the capital of Thailand.

6. Khao San Road

If you’re from a small and rural area, you could be a bit flabbergasted if you visit Khao San Road. This is a busy part of town that is husting and bustling all times of the day.

You can find food vendors, tourists, clothing stalls and many other things when you decide to visit this area. It’s no secret that you’ll enjoy a wide range of activity and site seeing fast by taking a trip to this part of Bangkok when you plan a visit.

7. Jim Thompson House

This property is like a museum and could be one of the best Bangkok attractions you could see. The Jim Thompson House was once occupied by Jim Thompson and is one of the most historic places in this area.

Thompson was well known and was one of the most prominent individuals in the town. He was in the silk industry and given various honours over the years. This home was made into a museum for all the people visiting Bangkok to see. If you have the time while in Bangkok, you’ll surely want to spend part of your day here.

8. Lumpini Park

If you love greenery and all the beauty that accompanies it, you’ll want to pay a visit to Lumpini Park. This is merely an oasis of plants, greenery and things that are sure to draw your attention. You can go for a boat ride, have lunch or walk around this gorgeous park. You’ll be glad you did once you can enjoy all this lovely place has to offer.

There’s nothing like getting out and seeing the world, especially the beautiful country of Thailand. You may be surprised by all the new sites in Bangkok and what this location has to offer. It’s one of the best places in the world to visit if you want to enjoy a new culture at any time during your life. Schedule your trip today and make the most out of your travelling experience.


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