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8 Questions to Ask Your Divorce Lawyer

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You’ve researched the local legal field and found a specialist you believe can help guide you through your divorce proceedings. You will now have a consultation with the specialist to determine how best to move forward in the divorce process. During this consultation, it’s critical that you gain as much information as possible about both the specialist and your unique divorce considerations. And so, to guide you as you take on this challenging process, this blog focuses on eight questions to ask your divorce lawyer during the consultation.

1. What are The Full Costs Involved?

While most divorce lawyers will detail their upfront costs to you during your initial consultation, you should try to find out about the related costs for the case. For example, do you need to hire private detectives? Do you require the services of an accountant to analyze your finances ready for the process to move forward?

2. Do You Specialize in Divorce?

The expert you’ve chosen should specialize in divorce cases. You require a legal expert whose sole focus is the divorce field. This will mean they’re up to date on the latest legal parameters and can offer you guidance on your full range of options. Long-standing experience in divorce cases also means the expert can help you to understand the evolving challenges that can arise and can negotiate more effectively with your former spouse’s attorney on your behalf.

3. What is the Ideal Strategy for my Case?

In settling your divorce, your specialist will have a number of legal strategies available. It’s important to go through many of these strategies during the consultation phase. This process will give a foundation to the divorce proceedings and will help you to envision the road ahead, so that you can prepare emotionally.

4. Will Others from Your Office be Working on My Case?

When working with a divorce lawyer, you should ensure that their back-up team has a clear understanding on the law and has experience handling challenging cases. Oftentimes the top divorce lawyers rely upon resources from across their office team to ensure success in their cases, and the experience of their full team will likely play an important role in the result of your divorce proceedings.

5. Will My Divorce Case Go Through the Courts?

In my cases, the divorce can be completed without having to go through the court system. The chances of your case having to in front of a court judge are related to the differences between you and your former spouse. Your legal specialist can help you to make the right choice for your family and for your future.

6. What are My Custody Options?

In any case where a child is involved in the divorce, you’re likely under significant strain to ensure they are protected. A legal specialist can help build the ideal case and safeguard your rights as a parent. They can devise a strategy that ensures you gain access to your children after the divorce has been completed, and can help guide you on your legal rights during this consultation.

7. How Often Will You Update Me?

It’s important that your divorce lawyer provides you with regular updates on your case. Proceedings can last a year or more, and having close contact with your legal expert during this time can help give you peace of mind.

8. Should I Communicate with My Spouse At this Time?

This is an all-important consideration to make when going through the divorce process. Your divorce lawyer can guide you on how to communicate with your former spouse, and help you to protect your rights based on the circumstances involved.

Take care in choosing the most qualified divorce lawyer for your upcoming proceedings. Book a qualified local specialist and ensure that they answer your most important questions before moving forward and signing any legal service agreements.


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