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8 Trivia Facts You Didn’t Know About Steel

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Whether you already have a steel building in your backyard, or you are thinking about purchasing one to use it as a garage or a storage shed, here are 8 interesting things you didn’t know about steel buildings.

1. Steel was developed in the 1700s

Steel is an alloy that contains iron and carbon. This alloy was developed in the 1700s, but it took some time before it became cheap enough to be accessible and to be considered a popular material.

2.  China is the largest producer of steel

China is the largest producer of steel in the world, responsible for nearly 50% of the world’s production. However, many other countries, including the United States, excel or have excelled at producing steel.

3.  A steel building is a green choice

Choosing a steel building over a wooden storage shed is good for the environment. Steel buildings are energy efficient, but most of all, steel is one of the most recycled products in North America.

4.  Steel is extremely durable

A steel building will last much longer than a building with a wooden structure. Steel will not shrink or rot, and it will never get attacked by termites, ants or mold. Steel structures can resist fires, earthquakes and other disasters.

5. Steel is resistant to corrosion


Unlike other types of metal, steel will not corrode, rust or deteriorate. Steel buildings can withstand heavy rain and snow, while keeping whatever is inside dry and safe. They are also easy to clean: in fact, they don’t require much maintenance.

6. Building a steel building is easy

Prefabricated steel buildings are assembled in a factory before they are being shipped to their buyers. When you purchase a steel building, you are choosing a building that will be easy to assemble, with some tools and some help from a few friends.

7. Steel buildings are easy to modify

If you have a steel building that is currently too small for your needs, you can easily make it bigger. Simply get in touch with your provider, and they will make it easy for you to add new panels to expand your structure.

8. Steel has many other uses

Steel is used to make steel buildings, but it’s also used to manufacture home appliances and cars, as well as heavy equipment, cutlery, surgical tools, nails, screws, food cans, jewellery, and many more items.


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