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9 Common Reasons People Look For Employment Lawyers

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When you started your current job, you were filled with excitement and hope. The job presented a wealth of new opportunities to take your career to the next level. A few months or years into the job, though, and your thoughts have changed.

In fact, you’re thinking you might even need an employment lawyer to help you navigate a tricky employment situation.

Not sure you need an employment lawyer for your situation? Here are some common reasons to seek legal help.

1. You’ve Been Fired

It happens. Sometimes, people get fired—for many different reasons. If you’re facing wrongful dismissal, however, you should get an employment lawyer. Even if you do not want to be reinstated in your previous role, you should still seek compensation for this wrongful dismissal.

An employment lawyer can help you get the severance package you deserve.

2. You Want to Quit

Whether you want to quit your job to pursue other opportunities or because you feel as though you have no other options available to you, employment lawyers can help. They can create or look over your resignation letter to ensure it doesn’t get you in trouble.

They can also help you keep your job or get a severance package if you’re feeling pressured to resign due to the workplace environment.

3. You Signed a Non-Compete

Non-compete clauses are standard in employment contracts. You likely signed it without a second thought. But now that you want to quit or start your own business, this clause causes you more worry.

An employment lawyer can review your non-compete agreement and determine how likely it is that a court would enforce it.

4. You’re Being Harassed

Workplace harassment is never acceptable, and you shouldn’t have to work in an unsafe, uncomfortable environment. An employment lawyer can review your situation, work with you to identify the options available to you, and, if you wish, start the legal proceedings for you.

5. You’re in a Dispute with Your Insurance Provider

You received long-term and short-term disability coverage as protection in case you got hurt or became ill. But now that the worse has occurred, your insurance provider doesn’t want to pay up. Unfortunately, this is a common situation.

If you’re in a dispute with your insurance provider over employer-sponsored disability coverage, an employment lawyer can help.

6. Your Employer Isn’t Paying Up

Whether you’re constantly getting underpaid for the hours you work, you’re not getting the overtime you’re entitled to, you’re getting unfair deductions off your paycheques, or you’re not getting the sales commissions you earned, an employment lawyer can help. A lawyer can set up the claim for your unpaid wages, so you can get the money you’ve earned.

7. Your Employer Isn’t Accommodating Your Disability

Employers have a duty to offer disability accommodation in the workplace. If you’ve requested an accommodation and your employer is not taking an active role to find possible solutions, work with an employment lawyer. This will help ensure the accommodation process goes smoothly.

8. Your Maternity Leave Rights Were Violated

Women who take maternity leave should have job security. Laws are in place to protect their employment status when they return to work. Unfortunately, not all workplaces are welcoming of new parents coming back to the workplace.

If you’re trying to return from maternity leave and you’ve learned your job is either gone or drastically different, employment lawyers can help with your constructive dismissal case.

9. You’re Being Discriminated Against

Discrimination in the workplace is a human rights violation. Employment lawyers can advocate on your behalf and commence legal proceedings.

If you’re in any of these situations, get the help you need. Engage an employment lawyer.


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